Year 11 – book review for Friday 31/01/14

Write a paragraph or two on narrative voice, either of ‘Wonder’ or of the book(s) you will be reviewing.
C grade – craft and construction – explain why narrative voice is important
B grade – weaving in quotations from the book to give impact to the audience (of yor podcast)
A grade – making ‘deep’ (perceptive) points about how readers respond to the narrative voice


6 thoughts on “Year 11 – book review for Friday 31/01/14

  1. Cassie

    In the book Wonder, narrative voice is important because it tells you about Augusts emotions, it also tells you Augusts views on what other people think of him and how people judge you. This is shown on page 27 “I noticed Julian staring at me” it then says “this is something I see people do a lot.” August it used to people staring at him because he is different. The narrative voice is also important in this book as it tells us what August thinks of himself, this makes the book more emotional which attaches you more to the character.

  2. James

    In the book Wonder you want to know how they use that narrative voice? Course you do.They use it to sell the character! He`s presented as a kid with emotions, opinions, feelings. There`s a line on page 29 “Then I actually smiled. I don`t know. Sometimes when I have the feeling I`m almost crying.”. Deep stuff, shows he has an emotions complex. This presents him far better than some silly 3rd person perspective, it gets us into his mindset, his head. It`s important because it attaches the reader to the character to increase the effects of what`s happening to leave a lasting effect.

  3. Lucy Stone

    In the book that I am reading currently, The Red Tent, the narrative voice is almost an over seer of every character throughout the book, even before the persona is actually born. The narrative voice in this book narrates the stories of her mothers lives, her fathers life and her brothers and sisters before her. This impacts on the reader in such a way that engulfs the reader as part of the story, creating a stronger connection to the characters ways of life and their personalities and such. As soon as I began reading further into the story, I was instantly hooked into the narrative voices out look and the way she speaks so wisely of every person she encounters.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Glad you’re reading something you’re enjoying.
      1) you HAVE to use apostrophes for possessives – this is a basic
      2) does this really have the punch for a podcast review? I want parts of the story read out – I want specifics, I want something I can relate to


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