Miss Durman 11y1 due Friday 31st January

Reflecting on the discussions in lesson today I want your final definition – what makes a good story? Please comment in the box below.

Before you can write about good literature, you must be able to identify what literature you like and why.

I look forward to reading your responses.

Miss Durman


5 thoughts on “Miss Durman 11y1 due Friday 31st January

  1. matt

    i believe a story should take you to a place that you feel happy and comforble, it should have a story line that you can conect to the charcter and you feel the the way they do!

  2. Simon MP

    I think and also believe that what makes a good story is a variety of books and styles. But in my terms. For me it would be Si-fi war, modern war and also survival as well as going into the unknown or abyss and finally fantasy, i.e. battle lines. Also what makes a good novel is not just the cover but how the novel is written and formatted so you don’t have to follow one character and choose which side you want to be on.(the novel has little snippets of information about the opposite side, explaining the characters life and purpose).

    This is what I think makes a good novel.

  3. CallumJSlaney

    I strongly believe what makes a good story is the way it captures your imagination and feeds you bits and peaces of whats going too, about too, or what has already happened. Saying that a book is a good book is clearly defined to the reader no one else, because if you say its a “bad” book doesn’t mean it is to everyone else. The different type of genre is a different story tho as most people have their different perspective of what they like, some like romance, others comedy, probably horror or action, all genre have an effect on each and every one of us.
    So there is my interpretation of what makes a good book ether its to do with the genre, or the person doesn’t make a difference to me, because to me everyone is different in their own way.

  4. Micah

    To me personally a good story would be one with a suspense at the end, without that at when you know what is about to happen it’s not much of a thrill reading on to the end. I also think Aardram story should have an enigma to create some mystery throughout the story so that it’s get you interested to read.

  5. Emily

    I believe a good story should put you straight into the action not giving everything away at the beginning. this allows the reader to read on and find out new things by them selves. I feel a story should be thrilling up and till the very end and be left on a cliff hanger persuading people to buy the next book in the sequel.


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