9En1 – Catrin – Mr Dettman

Due Monday, 3rd February

1)How successful do you think Clarke has been in capturing  the conflict between parents and children(Mention one language feature – imagery; metaphor; rhyme; alliteration – in your answer.)

2) If Catrin were to write a reply to her mother, what aspects of her mother’s behaviour do you think she might comment on?

Find evidence from the poem (link below). Write a few lines showing how the daughter might present her view of the incident.

Catrin – Gillian Clarke



16 thoughts on “9En1 – Catrin – Mr Dettman

  1. Georgia Shapter

    1. I think Clarke has successfully captured the conflict between parents and children by the use of her language in the poem “Our first fierce confrontation,” and “Still I am fighting you off, as you stand there with your straight, long, brown and your rosy, defiant glare” I think imagery is used through out the poem because the author describes things in detail like the girl’s hair and the maternity room.

    2. I think Catrin would comment on the first confrontation because she would have a different view point and also she may make more points on their past struggles.

  2. Annabel

    1. In my opinion, Clarke’s poem was very realistic at attempting to capture the emotions of the characters in a life-like situation. There are many poetic devices in this poem including imagery, which allows the poem to become relate able. For example in this sentence ‘the glass tank clouded with feelings’ allows the reader to believe that the parent is in a trap that is filled with various feelings. This is like the hospital, where she was born, but now this has carried on throughout her life. This sounds to me like the child and the parent have to be together, even though it can become a struggle because as the child grows up, she wants to become more independent.

    2. I think the child may think that her mother has been very opinionated because she talks about nothing else than her struggles. However, if the child was to write a response to this poem, it would probably be fairly similar, just directed to her mother.

  3. Laura Peeke

    1. I think Clarke has done a really good job of capturing conflict between mother and daughter. She has been able to describe the conflict well by the use of metaphors, language and alliteration. Another thing I really like about this poem it that it is really realistic, it’s not a stereo typical happy family. The poet has really described this relation how it is in the real world. The use of metaphors also makes it easier to imagine, and you are able to really picture what’s going on. “red rope of love” This is a quote in the poem “Catrin”, this means the umbilical cord. The poet could have just said that but instead cleverly used this metaphor. It also shows the bond and love between mother and daughter. The use of alliteration really emphasis’s what the poet is trying to get across, for example. “we want, we shouted, To be Two, to be ourselves.” This really emphasis’s the fact that they want to be separate.

    2. If her daughter were to reply I think she would agree that they don’t get on all the time. Also I think she would say that her opinions on her not being aloud to stay out later is unfair. As well I think her daughter would say that they have their ups and downs but she loves her mother really.

  4. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    1. Laura, good metaphor to examine. Ensure you develop your answer, to really show the examiner you fully understand it, and how and why it contributes to the poem, and it being used respectively.
    2. Again, agreed.

  5. Charlie

    1) Clarke has been incredibly successful in capturing the conflict between parents and children as it isn’t your average stereotypical family, where everyone is happy all the time. This has been mainly created by imagery, which makes the reader feel like they are in the scene. It paints a picture in our heads. The one phrase that stands out for me is “Red rope of love which we both Fought over.” The red rope of love is being described as the umbilical chord. The sense that they are fighting over it really paints a picture in our minds as it is giving the image of a tug of war match. That whoever wins, is free from the other. I really enjoy it.

    2) As the mother has been very opinionated, I belive that Catrin has inherited this opinionated trait. She would tell her side of events.

  6. Heather

    1) Clarke has been very successful in capturing what a non stereotype family is like with arguments between mother and daughter but they can get along. The conflict is mainly captured by imagery because Clarke creates an image in our heads for example “Fierce confrontation, the tight, Red rope of love which we both Fought over” makes me think about a mother and daughter fighting before the child is born. The tight red rope of love is talking about the umbilical cord even though it is one thing keeping them together Catrin and her mother are fighting over who has more control. Another example of the imagery Clarke has captured is “We want, we shouted, To be two, to be ourselves.” this quote creates an image of Catrin’s mother giving birth they are becoming separate and the mother is probably in a lot of pain so she shouted.

    2) Her mother talks about the struggles and nothing else so I think she is very opinionated. In my opinion Catrin would talk about the conflict that had happened between her and her mother she would be very opinionated like her mother but the reply would be very similar to her mothers but would be how everything was from her perspective.

  7. Aaron

    1) I think Clarke has been very successful in capturing the conflict between parents and children. He has achieved this by using imagery. “With your straight, strong, long Brown hair and your rosy Defiant glare” This is a great description used as imagery. Also Clarke uses “Fierce confrontation as well to show imagery is used. The best piece of imagery Clarke uses in the poem is “Red rope of love which we both fought over.” The ” Red rope” represents the umbilical cord which they are trying to break in like a war which has been going on since birth.

    2) If the daughter were to show her views on the incident I think is would be the same as the mothers except talking about the fights in greater detail and what she was to think about it all. As well I think she would agree that there was a lot of fights and she does want to have more freedom because there could be a reason she want to stay “In the dark, for one more hour” that we could not be hearing due to only knowing the mothers side of the story

  8. Nicole Petrova

    1. I think Clarke has successfully captured the conflict between parents and children by the use of her language in the poem , she’ve used some really good metaphors, for example “the tight Red rope of love” Which tied them together.I think this Metaphor beeen used really clever because you can tgink about the real meaning of it , the umbilical cord and the bond between mother and daughter.What , really shows the relationship between mother and child.
    2. I think Catrin would of present her point of view, the paun which was burning her hear, and the sweet words of apology , which was hiding the pain away.She might of been really emotive, and really not in her position, but she might of show the reall love to her mother of the end of the poem.

  9. jessica hamill

    1.)In my opinion Clarke has been successful with capturing the conflict between mother and daughter in this poem.There is many poetic devices that make this poem interesting to read but imagery to me stands out the most the way she describes her emotions like ‘in a glass tank surrounded with feelings’ shows how trapped she feels like the child is ‘tightening about her life’

    2.)well i think because the poem is from the mothers perspective i think she would have an opinion on the way her mum makes her feel because the poem is all about her mums problems and struggles i think Catrins would be similar but just directed to her mum.

  10. Jake Rogers

    1) I think Clarke has been very successful in capturing the conflict between parents and children. She’s used metaphors such as “the Red rope of love” to create imagery which really shows the ‘Conflict’ she’s having with her daughter. The imagery also shows how badly they both won’t to become individuals which I personally think is the whole point of this poem.

    2) I think the daughter would say almost the same as her mum but it would be fom her perspective and her personal opinions would shine through. I think she would talk about how she isn’t a child anymore and needs to have a lot more freedom.

  11. Harriet

    I think that Clarke has really interpreted the relationship between mother and daughter really well. It shows that evan though there may be many arguments between mother and daughter, there is still a sense of love for each other. Its like theres an invisible bond between mother and daughter which can never be broken. In the poem it states, “The red rope of love,” which is obviously refuring to the umbilical chord. However there is a deeper meaning to this – or so I think so – as later in the poem it goes on to say,”Bringing up, from the heart’s pool that old rope.” This is repeating the idea of the ‘rope of love’, this means the mother is relating her current problems with her child back to the birth of her. This shows how that mother and daughter will go through stages of arguments and conflict however its not always like that.

    I think if the daughter was to write back she would write about how her mother always blames her for things. She would describe her mother as the ‘bad guy’ and herself the victim. She would raise all the point of when she thought her mother was being inconsiderate and say how it was unfair. However I think she would still add in certain hints that she respected and cared for her mother without making it to obvious and blatant.

  12. Will

    1: During the last part of the first stanza, the poet states that there is a ‘red rope of love’. We know that the poet is literally describing the umbilical cord, but can also be used metaphorically, as in a close bond between the mother and child, which is too tight. ‘Of our >SS’s are me highlighting things). In my opinion these two S’s form a bond between these two words, because the rest of the poem states that the mother and child want to be separate, and it was a struggle.

    2: I can’t really tell, but we can deduce from the poem that the child is a little (or very) defiant to the mother. Maybe they would comment on how they were defiant before and a little while after birth, and try to ‘outwit’ their mother. I don’t think I could dig any deeper into the childs character, as we are only suggested with the mothers struggle.

  13. George Bakewell

    Clarke gas successfully captured the conflict between mother and child. Clarke has done this by using argumentative words, for instance: “confrontation”, “defiant” and “struggle”. These powerful, fighting words subtly imply to the reader that the poem is actually about the “fierce confrontation” between a parent and her child. This inference is strengthened by all the argumentative words being closely preceded with adjectives that add to the fighting spirit of the poem: “fierce confrontation”, “strong … defiant glare” and “”.

    If Catrin were to write about her mother I think that the poem would capture how defiant she is towards her mother. I gathered this from the way that the mother describes her conflict with Catrin, suggesting that Catrin must be arguing with her mother, repelling her ideas.


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