Year 10 – Heroes (for Thursday 30/01)

How is your story going? Give a self-evaluation of the standard of your story (in accordance with the grade descriptors below). Write a detailed analysis and specify how I can help

  • For a D/C – clear structure, clear paragraphing
  • For a C/B – apt vocabulary and a variety of sentences
  • For a B grade – good use of ‘cohesive devices’ to make it flow

18 thoughts on “Year 10 – Heroes (for Thursday 30/01)

  1. liam w

    I think i am working at a high D low C because i have got a clear structure throughout my story and clear paragraphing, also i have a variety of sentences but just need to work a little on my vocabulary.

  2. solley.m

    I think i am working at a low c grade because i am varying my sentences and using and choosing my vocabulary very carefully, but i now need to include cohesive devises to boost my grade.

  3. coral

    I would say that i was working at a D/C grade as i have a clear sturcture of my story and know what is going to happen next just, but i havee jumped to far ahead in my story to the main part and i need to work on what is going to happen at the end of my story so you dont just predict what is going to happen like you do in evrey other story you read.

  4. Emily

    i think my story at the moment is working at a D grade because i rushed into my story and didnt have a set out plan, so it wasnt written to the best of my ability so i am rewriting the begining in my spare time at home to get up to date with a story i am happy with. however what i worte this lesson i am very happy with and would like to see my story heading towards a C/B grade. to improve i need to make sure pace myself and lay out the climax point clearly, to help me with this could you read through part of my story every few lessons and tell me what you think from a readers point of view as if you didnt know anything about it… how it would make you feel.

  5. Annika

    All in all, my story is going well and I think I working at a C grade because I use a variety of sentences and also my structur is clearly, Currently, I am writing the most important part where my story shall turn to the positive direction. I have the feeling that my story gets a little bit monotonous so I want to insert more dialogues. Furthermore, I have to search for other striking adjectives to make especially this part of my story thrilling and emotional.
    I am not sure if the part, in which I describe the teacher, is enough detailed, it would help me if you could read through it and give me some tips.

  6. william cheong

    I think my story at the moment is a the level of a C grade, because it is detailed and the I think my story at the moment is the level of a C grade, because it is detailed and the background is very clear and has got much negative and positive aspects. Those aspects make the story more interesting. But I think I can add more exciting details because I haven’t finish the story yet, so I hope I will get more exciting ideas for the final end of my story.

  7. liam w

    I think that I am working at a high D, low C. My story is going well and I think my structure is good. I have a small variety of sentences, and some variety of varied vocabulary. I feel that if I want to improve I will need to set out a plan so I know where the story is going, but overall I am happy with what I have done so far. ( PS, sorry if this is my second post but I cant see my other one so I’ve done it again to make sure its on here.)

  8. ryan

    i think that I am working at a d/c grade because my structure is clear but I think I make my paragraphs are too long, to improve I think that I need to make my paragraphs smaller and I need to vary my vocabulary and sentences because most of mine are long.

  9. Anna Florin

    I think my story is a C or D grade, because I have clear structure and I know what will happen next, but I don’t have paragraphs. I have a variety of sentences, but I only use easy vocabulary I know.

  10. Connor

    I feel that I am working at a level D or lower as I think that I have a clear structure through my story at the moment, but I usually do my paragraphing wrong, it’s either to short or too long. I don’t think that my story is actually that good and I need to make a detailed plan to know what I can write about next. I think I need to improve my descriptions, punctuation and creativity as it will soon come to a point where it gets too boring and doesn’t make sense.

  11. Nele Guttmann

    I think I’m working on a D grade, maybe lower. My structur is not really available but I have some vague pargraphs. My sentences are not that clear and I think someone who isn’t me wouldn’t und understand my story. My vocabulary is very easy, so no higher phrasing.

  12. Megan p

    I think I’m working at a c/d grade at the moment, my story is detailed and clear, but its not really reviled much yet, I just need to work in wording my story.

  13. Georgia Lumley

    My story is going ok. I need to sort out the order and what’s it’s leading up to. I need work on building up more tent ion and more emotion in my story. I think I am working on a d grade, but I am aiming for a c.

  14. Rubyy Hunt

    I think my story is going okay. I need to word things differently and change my story soon because its staying where it is and dragging out. I would like to aim for a C/B. However to do this I must expand my vocabulary and punctuation.

  15. Karla

    I’ve just started a new story, so I’m a bit behind with it. But I have a plan how to structure it and i know what should happen next, so I hope I’m working at a c grade.

  16. Sarah M.P.

    For my story, I might achieve a D- by using short sentences and create emotions to give each paragraph effect on the reader. Also, I am describing the characters appearance and objects. The grade I want to accomplish is a C or above. I really want help with my confidence in writing stories because I always think negative and I think to myself that I will never pass English and I’m honestly rubbish at speaking, listening and writing.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Well I think you’re getting better and better all the time Sarah and your speaking and listening sounds confident in class. Your last piece of writing was superb! ________________________________________


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