Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Friday 24 January

Explain how, in your Unit 1 comparative essay this morning, you have already started to address your target for improvement. Your target is in your planner, in the speech bubble on the wall, and some students have put it on the blog, as requested, here:

Comments in the box below by Friday 24 January, please.

A reflective learner working at:

  • Grade C will provide the target for improvement and then explain some of the ways that it is being met.
  • Grade B  will understand why meeting the target from their previous Unit 1 comparative essay is important and how it will improve their work this time around.
  • Grade A will provide detailed reflection on the ways that the target is being met with relevant examples from their essay.

14 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Friday 24 January

  1. Mary-Anne Johnson

    One of my targets was to make sure that I use apostrophes for contractions. I’m doing this throughout my essay by making sure I read back through every paragraph CAREFULLY to ensure I’m not missing any out. My second target was to use semi colons and more sophisticated punctuation which if I’m honest I don’t think I’m doing very well, I’ll read back through my essay in Mondays lesson and ensure I’m meeting this target.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thanks Mary. Did you have a reading skills target too, e.g. use quotations throughout or analyse the writers’ language? We’ll have another look at your Yr 10 assessment and see what the TFIs (targets for improvement) were. Mr Legowski

  2. Rhiannon

    One of my targets was to use more quotations from the main body of text. I have been consistently using quotes as much as possible to ensure that the statements I make about the use of language or content are relevant and back up what I’m saying, and I continually refer to specific parts of the text that prove the points I make such as using formal language by referring to Hemingway by his last name, showing that the audience has clearly understood the formality of being on that non fist name basis. I think that the next step forward is to continue with the standard of writing and if possible come to a substantiated conclusion about the message the texts convey compared to what is portrayed.

  3. olivia

    One of my targets was to use commas appropriately and to vary my sentence structure. Even though SPAG doesn’t count for marks, I have tried to use commas where appropriate to ensure that my work is fluent. Also, I have varied my sentence structure so that I can get my point across properly and allow the reader to be intrigued by my observations.

  4. Josie

    One of my tatrgets was to create a detailed plan, and to spend as much time on the plan as I do on the actual controlled assessment, I have done this and thanks to this I feel secure during the assessment as I have my plan to help me throughout.

  5. Daisy

    One of my targets was to make sure I try and comment on individual words, I have already commented on the use of individual words with examples and know I still have some to comment on when I finish on Monday.

  6. georgia

    One of my targets was to make sure that every point I make is properly explained. I have tried to do this as much as a I can in this controlled assessment and feel that I have developed my points well.

  7. Jake Robinson

    One of my targets was to make a better plan so I was more organised in the exam. I think that this time my plan was much more detailed and it helped me write my answers easier.

  8. Tilly

    My target was to use more sophisticated punctuation which if im completely honest i don’t think i achieved. Because i was so focused on making the right points and explaining all of my quotes i never made a conscious decision to use sophisticated punctuation. I did make an effort to try to spell properly, which although we’re not marked on, it is one of my targets because my spelling is an embarrassment.

  9. Kayleigh

    I feel i have achieved my targets in my CA as i know i have made many comparisons between the two texts, I also made sure i commented on the layout of the webpages.


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