Year 10 Heroes – 21st Jan (for Wednesday)

Read page 36 – How does the writer use language to show Francis’ feelings for Nicole? (this is an exam-style question)

You need three points. If you are struggling, just 3 (7 word) quotations will do.

I really want 3 quotations with 3 techniques (eg, simile, emotive language..)

For those pushing for a B grade, 3 quotations with 3 techniques and 3 explanations would win you house points.


5 thoughts on “Year 10 Heroes – 21st Jan (for Wednesday)

  1. Elliot T-J

    ”I’d watched her glide across the floor”
    ”that strange teasing in her voice”
    ”I gulped, coughed, managed to utter ”hello”

  2. Sarah M.P.

    In the fourth paragraph, it reads “my heart racing.” in this short sentence, it contains personification Which means giving human characteristics to something that is non-human. This will have have an effect on the reader by being in the same position as Francis. Secondly, it reads “I gulped, coughed, managed to utter ‘hello.’ This uses emotive language. This shows that Francis has more than just emotions, he is effectionate for the one he loves and wants to be with her. Finally, it reads “Was unable to bring her name to my lips.” This uses Imagery. This brings a negative atmosphere to the reader because he was ‘unable’ to say her name.

  3. Connor

    “I gulped, coughed, managed to utter hello”.
    “Our eyes meeting in the same connection”.
    “Nicole Renard’s visits to the wreck centre made my life there complete”.

  4. solley m

    Francis reffers her as “bird-like and gracefull” it shows he feels strongly about, wlso I know that because he akso says “seperate from the rest” he also struggles to get his words out
    when speaking to her which shows he is nervous.

    1.” Revealed dazaling movie star teeth”
    2.” I gulped coughed , manged to utter “hello”
    3. I was in seventh grade when niclole renard came into my life “


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