11×2 reflection

Well done for such a focused start to the assessment today.

What went well?

How can you ensure you are prepared for the end tomorrow?

Miss Durman


10 thoughts on “11×2 reflection

  1. Lucy Stone

    The start to the assessment today was easier than I thought it would be. I feel that I have covered the topics I wished to cover, including the quotes and hopefully made perceptive and/or detailed points, too.
    If I could make any improvement, it would be my structure, as I am not as confident as I would like to be on my structure – otherwise, I am happy with my assessment so far.

  2. Cassie

    The assessment went ok, my plan helped me quite a bit. I have covered most of the topics but still need to do a few more. I need to add more detail to my last paragrah and make sure I am linking it back to the purpose and audience.

  3. Joy

    The assessment is going well, it has been easier then I thought it would be and I am pleased with what i have wrote so far.

  4. Jess Branton

    The assessment went alright, better than usual in fact. I am pleased that I did a plan before hand, because that has helped me. I have almost finished but I need to re-arrange my paragraphs around and maybe add a little more extra detail into some of my paragraphs. I also need to expand on a couple of points, which I will do tomorrow.

  5. Jake Billings

    I believe that the assessment went well and I began to compare the language well and with detail. However, to ensure that I am prepared for tomorrow, I am going to look at the colour of the pages because I haven’t compared these yet.

  6. Aimee Felton:)))

    I thought the assessment went really went and was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I compared everything I wrote with detail and backed my points up with quotes. Tomorrow I will expand and a few of my points and write about how Anthony Browne was apart of Tate brilliant and the effect that gives on the audience, I will also make my structure better.

  7. Teagan Webster :)

    I think I found it easier to construct my points into paragraphs in this assessment, and I managed to get a lot of points in. To improve tomorrow I would try to find another point and write a short summary as a conclusion.

  8. Finley

    I think the assessment went well, I have acted upon one of my targets; time management, which has helped me a lot, as i now have time to spare, in which i will hopefully use to add a few more paragraphs which will include perceptive points. As I have added detail to my plan along with practising writing paragraphs comparing the two authors, I cant think of anything that can be improved on when i finish.

  9. Savannah

    I feel the assessment so far has gone well, my plan really helped me as a prompt. I only have one more point left to make, and then I need to go over it, and make sure it all sounds alright. Overall though, today I felt I did a lot of work, and I think I prepared well for it.

  10. James

    The assessment went well, the plan was a big help! There`s not much left to do except add another point or two and then conclude it and check through again. I felt well prepared for that with no worries going in.


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