10y1 – due Thursday 23rd January

What is foreboding? 

We looked at examples in section 2 today. 

Please write an example of how the language is used to show that something bad might happen. 


Miss Durman 



6 thoughts on “10y1 – due Thursday 23rd January

  1. Suki

    Foreboding is when the writer uses language to drop hints that something bad is going to happen in the story. ‘Lennie watched her, fascinated’ could be foreboding as characters have described her as bad news, so you know something bad is going to come of Lennie’s fascination.

  2. jacob h

    foreboding is when the writer of a story is giving hints about something bad happening in the story
    in one part lennie says something along the lines of “this aint no good place george, no this aint good” this could be a warning of something bad


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