Year 10 student-taught Of Mice and Men lessons

For the last two years, students have taken the opportunity to understand Of Mice and Men better by teaching their peers. And you know what? Just as I enjoyed the lessons, I know the students loved the chance to do some teaching!

  • So what do you have to do? In groups of four (max.), you will plan and then deliver a short lesson of around 25 minutes in length about a character or theme in Of Mice and Men.
  • Do I choose what to teach or am I told? You choose which character or theme you teach from a list which will be made available in Monday’s English lesson (20 January). What activities you include in your lesson are up to you, although they must be educational as well as enjoyable. I will attach a copy of the lesson plan requirements, a blank lesson plan and the Ofsted requirements for Outstanding lessons (as I’m sure you’d want to be classed as Outstanding teachers) – watch this space!

There will be a strict timetable for the teaching of these lessons; even if there is only one student in on the day your lesson is to be taught, that student will be responsible for teaching the lesson.

The principle behind the idea is that you learn more, or retain what you have learned, by teaching others. With this in mind, I hope that you will seize this opportunity and design a lesson that you yourself would enjoy and make progress in.

If you have any questions about this task, or if you want to run your group’s lesson plan by me, please come and see me in room 16 – before the day of the lesson!

Best of luck!

Mr Legowski

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