Sixth Form GCSE English home learning # 1 – due Friday 24 January

Please read the following short stories and write a review of them (either 3 x 100 words approx. or a combined, comparative review of the three together) in the comments box below.

Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

To Build a Fire by Jack London

The Killers by Ernest Hemmingway

A reflective learner working at:

  • Grade C will use emotive language and other persuasive techniques in their reviews.
  • Grade B will refer to examples of language and/or structure in the short stories.
  • Grade A will analyse how character and plot are developed across the stories

I look forward to reading your reviews by NEXT Friday, 24 January.

Mr Legowski


2 thoughts on “Sixth Form GCSE English home learning # 1 – due Friday 24 January

  1. Katie

    All three stories are set in different times, first one in the future and the other two are set in the current time and past. The characters are all different, first story they’re both strange and scared easily, the second story the character has a conscience since the narrator goes, ‘but he couldn’t kill the dog’ and the third story characters are racist calling a black person ‘nigger’ and calling a person ‘bright boy’ indicating they’re not very smart. All three stories are good and aren’t that long so it’s a good read.

  2. Harry Bessant

    All three stories have a sinister plot, however they are completely different. Harrison Bergeron gives away a fair amount of details and the plot to soon. Unlike in the other two stories, where they spread the plot, details and description of the surrounding environment throughout the story.
    Unlike Harrison Bergeron, the other two stories mostly consist of dialogue. Mainly “The Killers”. In my opinion I didn’t find Harrison Bergeron a very good story, as it didn’t grab my attention. Most likely as it is a sci-fi, which doesn’t interest me.
    Whereas “the Killers” and “To Build a Fire” did grab my attention from the first paragraph. The key part that I like was the background story which then lead up to the main plot happening.


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