Year 11yEn – Website Comparison – Purpose & Audience

Due Monday
Using the ‘language’ of comparison (however; on the other hand; as opposed to; in the same manner; in the same way; equally; likewise; both), compare two aspects of the websites with regard to Purpose and Audience, using correct website terminology and structured P.E.E. Paragraphs.
Roald Dahl – (navigate to ‘The Man’; ‘An Interview with Roald Dahl’; ‘Page 5’)
I would also begin planning for the Controlled Assessment – begin to structure each paragraph.  Remember, your primary focus is COMPARING each, for PURPOSE, AUDIENCE and FORM.
Mr Dettman

One thought on “Year 11yEn – Website Comparison – Purpose & Audience

  1. Lewis Willey

    This website (sky sports) is structured around sports affairs and events, such as football results and current on goings in different sports. It’s audience is mainly for sports followers seeking specific information regarding which sport they follow e.g football. The colour palette for this website is appropriate as it doesn’t need to be bright and have neon colours to appeal to the audience, as it would if it was a young audience.

    On the other hand the Roald Dahl website is filled with bright colours to appeal to the audience (which is relevant.) where as the sky sports website is very formal and is based around sensible darker colours (dark blues and reds) which is relevant as it relates to the audience (older more mature viewers)

    The purpose of the sky sports website is to inform sports followers of what is happening in the world of sport, whereas the Roald Dahl website is aimed at a younger audience and has a different purpose; to help young children be able to understand how to write in a certain way to be successful.

    I conclude that both websites are intended for different purposes and have many different things eg colour palettes, text and purpose.


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