Year 11 – can you feel it? – Thursday’s HL

You have to compare the attitudes of the two texts. One way of defining an attitude is a thought associated with a feeling. Compare the moods of the two websites. First, list the emotive words used by the writers. Then look at the way they express their own feelings. Do they excite or motivate the reader. A grade – perceptive comparisons. B grade – detailed comparisons. C grade – sound comparisons.

Go for it.


5 thoughts on “Year 11 – can you feel it? – Thursday’s HL

  1. Tilly

    Both texts have a similar moods. They are both light hearted and the responses sound natural as if it were a conversation. In the Browne text he uses emotive language and phrases to convey his feelings. ‘It’s exciting’ suggests to the reader he really feels passionate about new illustrators suggesting to the reader there is reason to be. ‘To look into a gorilla’s eyes is very much like looking into the eyes of a human being.’ is a very emotive phrase which many people can relate to.
    Roald Dahl text also comes across as natural because it is the way that he would talk. He uses language such as ‘finest trick’ to emphasize how could the advice he was given is, giving the text an upbeat feeling. He does however come across as slightly less enthusiastic as Browne. In the Browne text he seems quite excited about what he is talking giving it a light mood about whereas Roald dalh comes across as wiser because he is more experienced, but the mood is still very upbeat because he is talking about good experiences.

  2. Teagan Webster :)

    Both texts have an exciting and happy moods to them, however the Roald Dahl text is more exciting and entusiastic towards the audience. The use if animations to excite the viewer helps to fulfil this mood, and the interactive elements of the webpage also ad to this mood. Dahl’s voice when his voiceover is playing on the page is very enthusiastic to the subject matter and helps engage the reader further, especially for younger viewers. His voice also sounds very wise, giving the impession he is cery intellectual and has a lot of experience.
    On the other hand, Anthony Browne’s interview page has a happy feel to it, with the use of bright colours and pictures of the author to make it more personal. In Browne’s interview, the way he speaks and the words he uses in the interview reflect more on the mood, perhaps because the webpage is a lot less interactive when comparing it to Roald Dahl’s. The way Browne says ‘I believe it is just as important to develop a child’s visual literacy alongside verbal literacy’ shows he is a humble man, the phrase ‘I believe’ being more his opinion than a solid fact. His humble personality can also reflect in the mood, making it more upbeat and personal.

  3. Alix Hopley

    Both texts have a similar mood. They are both quite relaxed and light-hearted, however I personally think that Anthony Browne’s interview is more based of himself and there is a strong sense of pride throughout the text. This is shown through his quite passionate answers about writing and the way he is always speaking about himself, his writing technique and his books.
    Roald Dahl on the otherhand doesn’t talk specifically about his book in the text we studied. He is talking about his writing style and advising aspiring writers on any good tips. This makes me think that the attitude of this text is more friendly and helpful.


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