Year 11 – Parents’ evening

How did it go? Let me know whether you learned anything new at parents’ evening – did it help you move forward towards your goals? Comment below.


24 thoughts on “Year 11 – Parents’ evening

  1. Teagan Webster :)

    Hearing teacher’s comments from the parents evening helped to encourage me further to carry on working well in all subjects. I got relevant and practical advice from teachers which will help me to revise an prepare properly to get my aspirational grades.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Not quite Sam – that’s frank and honest feedback – the breakfast of champions – get the questions done and I’ll report back the results. Better to have the truth now than to be unpleasantly surprised in August! ________________________________________

  2. Tilly

    The comments I was given were helpful and highlighted areas of weakness that I need to work on, but it has also encouraged me to work harder to get the best possible grade.

  3. Rhiannon

    I felt that the feedback that I was given was very useful because there was plenty of good things said that would help to motivate me, because I feel like I know I can do better, but also the constructive criticism that I received was based on helping point me in the right direction, which was largely based around being more analytical and simplifying the amount that I write, which I am now working on.

  4. Jake Robinson

    I think parents evening went quite well and it was helpful because I was shown when each of our assessments were and exam dates it was clearer on when I needed to be revising for what.

  5. Olivia Kennard

    I believe that parents evening has helped me because it has clearly shown me which areas I need to improve on. After speaking to the teachers and receiving positive feedback and constructive advice I am less stressed and clear on what my main focuses are. To continue, I am now attending two revision sessions after school a week for geography and biology which will help me as I will feel less stressed in having to revise on my own.

  6. Mary-Anne Johnson

    I found the parents evening helpful as it really motivated me to try harder to get even better grades. I realised that I really lack confidence and that I need to believe in myself more. It was kind of a wake up call as to how little time we have left and how much we have to do!

  7. Georgia

    Parents evening has given me a great confidence boost, i now know that i am on track for most subjects and also it has helped give my parents an insight onto how well i am doing. Moreover, i now know what i need to do to get even better grades and how i am going to do that. I have also realised that i need to believe in myself more and stop thinking that i can’t do things when i can

  8. Kayleigh

    I found parents evening very successful, I now have a better understanding of what i need to do to get myself the best possible grade. I also have more courage in asking for help when i am stuck because all of my teachers made it very clear that they are there to support me to get the best possible out come. I am also more confident that i can get higher grades where as before i lacked confidence in this. I just need to get a revision time table sorted out.

  9. Simon MP

    The parents evening was great and useful to me. The feedback that was given to me was amazing and will improve my skills. But not just English, But all subjects. The only problem with parents evening is that I was given catastrophic amounts of home work. Which has messed up my routine, but the home work will help me with understanding the lessons better, also will help me with my future. The advise was great as well. Saying about my areas on where to improve. all of the appoints where good. Also a good night.

    1. Simon MP

      Also I gained confidence in asking for support and help. The useful and helpful of them, was to go to extra English and maths.

  10. Harriet

    Parents evening really helped motivate me to continue working hard because i was told how close i was to reaching specific goals/grades which has helped me to just keep going in the short amount of time we have left! It has helped put everything into perspective of what i can and can’t do and how to improve what i’m not so confident on.

  11. Nick HIndmarsh

    Mr Bakewell suggested I have a look at these comments and having taken the time to do so I am impressed on a number of fronts.

    The quality of your language is so much better than a year ago and better than the Y11 12 months ago. Your use of connectives and punctuation really shows in the issues you comment upon and reinforces the points you make.

    However, it is the maturity you display and recognition of the job you need to do that impresses me most.

    Well done – now translate these words and intentions into sustained action.

  12. Jess Branton

    Parents Parents evening has helped me because I got told by most teachers to put more depth into my written answers which I will start doing. That is the main new point I have learnt. I feel parents evening has helped me to proceed forward towards my goals. If I didn’t have any feedback, I wouldn’t be where I am now in English for example.

  13. Cassie

    Parents evening went well for me, I got a lot of positive feedback which gave me a boost. It was nice to see hear the teachers feedback and how we are improving, it has gave me a boost to get the grades the teachers have now predicted.

  14. Savannah

    Parents evening was very useful as I recieved feedback that was both positive and useful. I know what my goals are in order to succeed now, and the information and advice was very helpful and supportive. I also received constructive criticism that helped me see where I can improve. Now I am aware of what I have to do to boost my grades and I was happy to see that I am doing well .

  15. James

    From what I can remember parent`s evening went well. The feedback about work was good which was nice to hear,and there was actual useful advice on improvement given. I get what I have to do now to boost the grades up now which is a relief of sorts. Nice to know I`m doing well.

  16. Tom Davies

    Parents evening was very helpful. I got a lot of feedback on what i need to improve and push further to reach my grades i should be getting. I recieved a lot of contstructive criticism, but i understand why, I am doing ok but not good enough. i want to do better and i can see that the teachers know I can. They also gave me a lot of different ways that i can help myself.

  17. Josie

    Parents evening went really well. I got a lot of feedback I know that I need to keep working the way I am to achieve my target in the summer. I also need to believe in myself more.

  18. Piers

    Parents evening was okay for me, some subject I am doing really well in and others I need to stop being distracted and focus on the work in hand. It’s only just hit about how much little time we have left for the work and how important it is for me to focus and block out unwanted distractions.

  19. Alix Hopley

    The feedback from Parent’s evening has gave me a massive confidence boost, it has reassured me that I am doing well and that if I carry on how I am now, I will do very well. The actual reports given to us have also helped me, as they have highlighted any weaknesses so that I can practice them in time for the end of the year.


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