Miss Durman 9EN2

We are nearing the end of ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’.
Are you enjoying the book?

If Colin was able to speak with the Queen, what advice do you think she would give him about Luke?

Grade E – Show some understanding of the plot and characters
Grade D – Will use key events from the book to develop answer
Grade C – Construct an answer that shows understanding of themes and issues within book and empathy for the character.

Write your answer in the box below.

Miss Durman


9 thoughts on “Miss Durman 9EN2

  1. brandon

    the advise i would give him would be to tell her that it isthe most serous condition his brother would probally get in and ask what would she do if her brother had cancer?

  2. kurtis elliott

    i think she would say although Luke has a serous condition to stay positive not just for Colin but for Lukes’ sake .

  3. Anna

    I think the queen would say, that he is very inspiring, but just let the doctors do their job, but still be there for him. Also don’t let it get to you so much that it could put you in danger. Just have fun in London because you will see him soon, when you get back to Sydney.

  4. Alex Bennellick

    I think the Queen would say that it is good of his help towards Luke and let the hospital help him. Also I think she would tell Colin to stop worrying about it and think of something that makes him happy. She could also say to Colin that the doctors would try their best with Luke.

  5. keesha

    i think that collin would tell the queen that his brother has got cancer and that he is feeling very sad and quite lonley even though he has tried his best to get hold of the queen so that her docter could probaly help him to live . I think that the queen will get the docter to cure luke and tell collin to say posstive and to have fun while he can .

  6. zac

    i think the queen would say hes doing a good job and that Colin should not quit because hes come so far and he might be getting some where, yes i am enjoying the book.

  7. Joshua Hobson

    The advice I would give Colin is that he should go home to Australia and spend more time with Luke. If he dies then do something he like and something you like.like play with his toy airplane with him and show him he got from the airshow and play with that one or watch the latest baseball game with him.

  8. Sam😊

    I think she would say to pray that he doesn’t die and that there is always hope for him. Also that what he is doing is amazing and he should keep fighting for Luke and that good things will come out of the respect that people will have for you.

  9. Grace Glanvill

    I think the queen might say to Colin that thousands of people have had cancer and so many doctors are trying to find a cure, and that he is trying his hardest to find someone to cure Luke, and then she would say to go back to Australia to spend some time with his brother for they might not find a cure.


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