Layout &Presentation – Mr Dettman 11yEN

Comment on the layout and presentation features of a Web Page of your choice, and how well it does or does not match its target Audience and Purpose.
(Remember: colour palette; copy (text); font; eyetrack; sounds; images (hero shot); navigation etc.)
Due Thursday, 16th – Remember, non-completers go in the book.

4 thoughts on “Layout &Presentation – Mr Dettman 11yEN

  1. Simon MP

    Same as last home learning

    On the Minecraft site there is a series of videos which are below the fold and a colourful background. There is a banner that links to other areas around the site. Also there is an eye attraction in the top left corner that shows the logo. Big copy (< text) to highlight the words and areas. Below the fold there's articles in the right column or skyscraper, explaining the quality's of the game and the site. there is more on the other homework!

  2. Simon MP


  3. Ruben

    Thomas Cook website!! (Only because I was booking a holiday!)
    The layout of the website it’s very exciting, because the interactive area stands out. Also the colour that has been used shows that’s its a fun website. The logo isn’t very exciting, as I thought it would be. However the images draws your eyes (eye track) because they’re very exciting, which makes you feel the website is fun. Their is skyscrapers on the right side to show you the deals of other holidays, which will drag the audience attention.

  4. Amy

    On the farmers weekly website the background is white; this makes the writing stand out more. It has a banner along the top which goes to various links. There a fair amount of writing on there, the writing at the top of the page is main news. There is a navigation bar just below the banner with drop down menus.


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