Purpose & Audience – Popular Website – Mr Dettman 11yEN

Dear 11y, my sincere apologies for not setting you Home Learning during today’s lesson.

As a result, I will combine two pieces, and ask you to examine a popular website and comment on both AUDIENCE and PURPOSE to be posted for Monday’s lesson. Make sure to use evidence from the text (in the form of quotations) to support each point you make.  Those of you aiming for higher targets, ensure you’re using the language of analysis learned today: ‘connotation’ – e.g. “the connotations of the colour red might suggest…”; intended target audience etc.) and start to consider FORM/LAYOUT features.

Mr Dettman


5 thoughts on “Purpose & Audience – Popular Website – Mr Dettman 11yEN

  1. CallumJSlaney

    Minecraft Forums:
    Website: http://www.minecraftforum.net/

    This popular website is mostly for people who like the game and can socialize about it, and/or give each other their worlds, maps, advice or videos. The colour expressed through the website is mostly for children and some teens, but adults also go on this sight because they too also play the game, take youtubers for example most of them are middle aged mails/femails looking for some thing to spice up their channel and these can result in map making. Were some one out in the world would make an adventure for every one to play and a small or large selected few will be played and posted on YouTube.
    I hope you like the work I have layed out for you “Mr Dettman”

  2. Lewis Willey

    This website is popular to sports fans as it’s purpose it to serve them in gaining knowledge about current sports affairs. It’s audience varies as it is a wide spread of different sports but as a whole it’s main audience is sports followers, the age is hard to determine due to the subject matter but I think due to its factual status the age for its audience can be a where from 14 and up depending on how dedicated people are to following sports affairs and news.

  3. Simon MP


    I choose this website because. The perspective range for the age users can go up to 10 to mature and over. The website is also colourful to attract people to have a look and join in. The purpose of the website, is to give advise and new levels that you can update or upload as well read peoples subscribes on what good, bad and what it is like about the game and maps. the site also allows you tubers to post there videos on and show uses new maps and minigames that the you tubers have made or testing. The website also provides you with information about the game and tools. Also the website contains a series of videos below the fold. Each one has describing and advertising copy (< text) below the video.

    Did not copy from callum. We somehow had the same idea?

  4. mrdettman

    Posted on behalf of Holly Elliot: “The website i have chose to look at his Boohoo.com. Boohoo is a clothing website targeting the teenage and mid 20’s (students) audience. It is a unisex website.The dull black background appealing to the male sex and the vibrant pink buttons appealing to the females are eye catching as the contrast against each other. The purpose of this website is a easy way for people to buy clothes from this season trends at a reasonable price.It is a quick easy reliable way of getting clothes to your door the next day.The eye track of this website is the logo in the left hand corner after youve seen the logo your eyes a drawn to the main images of the different trends and clothing ideas.”


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