Flashbacks – Mr Dettman 10xEN2

Good lesson today 10X2; some great feedback.

Comment on a non-linear narrative plot structure of a novel or film of your choice (linear being a straightforward Beginning – Middle – End).  Non linear: remember the image of jumping backwards (flashback) and forwards (flashforward) along the narrative ‘chain’.

For a D- target: Describe how the flashback adds to the plot’s development (think how it might add to information about the main characters – the hero – the protagonist, or the villain – the antagonist.)

For a C- target: Comment on how the flashback adds to the development on the character, or the relationship between any characters involved in the flashback.

For a B- target: Comment on how how ‘foreshadowing’  might act as a literary or filmic technique to increase suspense / create anticipation for the rest of the narrative (remember the Anakin/Darth Vader shadow picture; the gun in Francis’ duffel bag?)

Due Tuesday, for Mr Bakewell.  Non-completed homelearning gets your name in the book again. 



9 thoughts on “Flashbacks – Mr Dettman 10xEN2

  1. Emily

    The way a ‘flashback/flashforward’ adds to the plots development and the development of a character, is by showing or telling the audience a little bit about what the character was like before. An example of this could be, in one of the very famous Harry Potter films, you see a short flashback of voldermort (the villain)’s life and how be reacted to becoming a wizard and what followed on from his childhood and why he is now so evil. A Flashback can also make it clearer to the audience why they are in the situation they are in. Also, find out more about their friends and family and what could of potentially happened to them. Another thing which makes a big impact is a flashforward! the reason for this being, it makes the audience know what’s going to happen… However, keeps them wanting to know HOW they got in that position, and what happened along the way.
    Furthermore, another technique which can create suspense is ‘foreshadowing’. This can be used to keep the reader on track, if there is a very complex story line and the audience has no idea what is happening (or is going to happen), this gives hints to the audience about what is later to occur in the plot without giving them away too much information.

  2. alex cope

    im going to use the film bourne intity for a example because the main character has a moment were he has a flashback and wishes he could change stuff then get a flashforwerd to show him the actions of his changes so he then knows the right answer to his main question and manages to live .

  3. william cheong

    Titanic,Ithink this film uses the flashback very good, because this film is about the actress`s flashback to meet her darling boyfriend and some crazy thing. But in this film the male lead
    is very unfortunate. Because in the end when the boat breaks, then there is just one wood board for one person so the boyfriend of the girl sacrifices himself to rescue her.

    1. william cheong

      What is the purpose of the flashback in Titanic? The purpose of the flashback in the famous movie *the Titanic* helps the audience to believe the story is true and helps them to sympathize the characters.

  4. Georgia B

    Flashbacks are used to develop an understanding of the movie and the reason why whats happening at the present is happening. It develops an understanding of a character because it showing you the relationships with the character and the past the character has. Its telling you why the character are who they are. An example of flashbacks in I am legend is when it shows you how the zombies came and why Robert Neville is the last human survivor in New York City. It also shows his relationship with his wife, child and dog and what happened to them. Use of flashbacks help with the storyline and gets you more intrigued.

  5. Connor

    A flashback is a scene that interrupts the present action of the plot to flash backward and tell what happened at an earlier time. Flashbacks provide us with background information and strengthen our understanding of characters. For example, ‘the hangover’ uses flashbacks in all there films to provide us with some information from the previous night.

  6. Georgia Lumley

    In my opinion the film that I have watched with the best flashbacks is titanic.
    The character rose is flashing back to her and the character jack on the titanic and her memories. These flashbacks add to the development of both characters rose and jack because she tells us the story and it helps us understand what the titanic is about and how she was feeling. She also tells us a lot about jack and her love for him.


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