Miss Durman’s year 11

The unit 1 reading assessment is in 2 weeks.We have looked at the mark scheme and some exemplar answers so you are aware of what needs to be done to achieve your target.

Please write your SMART target in the box below that you can show you have achieved by January 23rd.  


5 thoughts on “Miss Durman’s year 11

  1. Simon MP

    My SMART targets to improve my righting and style:

    Grammar (Below)
    {Punctuation and spelling}: Not spelling test’s but what words mean and techniques and how to Spell the word. Also where and what to put at the right time for punctuation.
    Paragraphs: I understand what to do with them. It’s just where to put them.
    Chapters: I know where to put and what to do with these?
    Setting the scene: Struggle to do so.

    To be truthfully I’m only weak at these at the moment.

  2. Joel Atwell

    My target is to improve my spelling and grammar so that it can push my grade up and also to learn so good comparative words so that i can compare to texts by the 23rd of January.

  3. Jess Branton

    My SMART target is to be able to complete an exam in the time allocated. In order to manage my time management skills, I will practice in class by writing exemplars in the time set by teachers. This will then hopefully help me with my timings in the reading assessment in 2 weeks time.

  4. Micah

    In this unit my target is to improve on vocabulary also remember you show evidence of the point I’m writing finally explain the reason and why.

  5. Lucy Stone

    Mt SMART target is to practice my PEE+E paragraphs and work on my structure. It is also to challenge my analytical skills during lessons and in extra curriculum activities.


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