Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Friday 20 December

It’s not important what children read, as long as they’re reading. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Answers in the comments box below, with justification (I want to see ‘because…’), by Friday please.


9 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Friday 20 December

  1. Daisy

    I disagree, because reading inappropriate texts or text of a too low or too advanced standard won’t actually help a child but just cause misunderstandings.

  2. Georgia Atkins

    I disagree, although I feel it is important for young children to read; I think that by children reading inappropriate books or newspapers at a young age, it is inappropriate and shouldn’t be aloud.

  3. jake

    i disagree with this statement because there is a massive difference between the difficulty of different books, for example, a child that is supposed to be reading a book like the hobbit isn’t really going to get much of a benefit from reading mr men and vice versa. it is important for children to read but they should be reading a book that is challenging tor them but not too difficult and not too easy.

  4. Rhiannon

    I disagree with this statement. Yes, it is good that children are reading, but quite frankly there is content in which children should not be exposed to. For example, you wouldn’t see a young child reading something by James Herbert- the content is far too mature and advanced for a child to comprehend. Also, books should be challenging their development and vocabulary, as well as they way that they perceive the events around them. Magazines and tabloids are not particularly challenging, but also they don’t help with development- in fact this hinders their abilities because children in general more vulnerable to be brainwashed by the media, believing everything that they read and aspiring to something that isn’t necessarily worth what they believe it to be. There should be some control as to what children read, however, they should enjoy what they are reading, but be able to find it challenging to develop their minds and broaden their opinions and understand perspectives.

  5. Mary-Anne Johnson

    I disagree with this statement because I think that what your reading has a massive impact. You need to consider whether what they’re reading is age appropriate and whether the level of difficultly is too high or too low. Also I think that it matters what they’re reading as it can influence their school work. For instance if all that they are reading is Facebook status’ then they could get into bad habits of using too much slang or abrievations in their schoolwork. If they were reading mre advanced fictional books however, they could benefit from the language that is used as it could widen their vocabulary.

  6. Tilly

    I agree because if you try and force a child to read something they don’t want to then they will just retaliate and refuse to, just let them read what they want. Also you cant force someone to enjoy reading it has to be there own decision what they read. Everyone seems to be saying it has to contribute to development but why cant you just read for enjoyment? It doesn’t matter what you read as long as you enjoy it, its better to read anything than to not read at all.

  7. Alix

    I agree with this statement as no matter what a child reads they are still seeing and learning new words, phrases and sentances and it os educating them on structuring writing skills.

  8. Harriet

    I disagree because what type of text a child reads can influence them. They may want to be like the character described in the book which – if reading an inappropriate text- will have a negative effect. Also if the text is too easy or difficult it will not benefit the child at all because they wont understand the longer words or on the other hand will simply get bored of the easy sentences.

  9. Josie

    I agree with this statement as if you force a child into reading it will more than likely put them off reading in the long run which will affect the grades in further education. I think children being allowed to read what they want not only engages them in reading but also shows them heir level orpf intelligence and it indicates what they are interested in.


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