Final paragraph – year 11

Write your final paragraph here and three words that you have checked the spelling of.


One thought on “Final paragraph – year 11

  1. Finley

    Before i could react, someone through me to the floor and stuffed a bag over my head, pinned me down and started to tie my legs to my hands. Being tightly binded i couldn’t move, no matter how hard i tried. ‘Who are you and what do you want?’ I demanded, a youngish sounding voice replied ‘sorry mate, nothing personal but food is high on demand!’ Frantically struggling to think of an escape plan, i squirmed as much as possible to make it harder for my capturers, but instead made being dragged through broken remains of glass and old items scattered along the street twice as painful. ‘Agh’, i got thrown hardly to the floor. ‘Now what?’ I sniffled on the verge of crying, ‘is this it? Survive all of this so far just to be killed by a bunch of cannibals?’. I heard the young voice reply ‘Oh no, we need to keep you fresh for as long as possible’. Just as i figured what that would involve, the bag was ripped violently from my head and my baseball bat was swung into the side of my head… Gaining consciousness i observed the area, i was tied to a meat hook upside down, on what appeared to be the inside of a large shed. On the walls spread out were a large amount of butchering knives and tools stained in dark red blood, along with the splatters that covered the floor. I gulped loudly realising i had soaking bandages covering where my left hand used to be. ‘No help panicking’ i thought to myself, i need to escape! I started swaying the meat hook i was binded to back and forth until it formed into a swing, ‘yes’, the rope came loose. Taking a while to balance myself into a standing position, i cut the binding on my hand with the sharpest looking knife i could see on the wall, grabbed it with my only hand, burst through the door pulling it off its hinges, and dashed away from the guards quickly forming upon me!



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