Year 8 – The end of The Silver Sword

That’s all folks!
We’ve reached the end of the Balickis on their resilient journey.
Are we happy with the ending?
Is it the ending we were expecting?
What would you have preferred to see happen at the end?

Leave your comments in the box below. There will be prizes available for the most creative answers!

Miss Durman


39 thoughts on “Year 8 – The end of The Silver Sword

    1. briony lane

      i am very happy with the ending and me and megan were saying that we want them to find there parents,i would probably prefer to see them have a really nice meal or something in the house that there parents have been living in and trying to save there children next time and maybe make a second book too enjoy.

      1. Dan Clark

        I am happy with the ending but they could of found there parents and the ending was not what I expecting because I didn’t thing Erik would of died and got better

  1. tia noon

    I think that edek will die at the end wen they find there mother and farther. Jan will find a new pet
    and his mum and dad. The burgomaster will come after the kids and try to find them in swizerland
    and he does, but he seen how happy there family were togrther so he quits his job to go back to his own family.

    1. Miss Anslow

      Make sure Switzerland has a capital S as it is a place, Burgomaster is a name so it also needs a capital letter.
      I like how you have included the Burgomaster, that would be good.

  2. erin robinson

    i am happy with the ending because it goes through alot of things and adventures and they finally settle down. no it wasnt the ending that i was expecting because it was alot happier than i expected. At the end i would have preferred jan to get another pet and have a house and parents .

  3. adam

    I like the ending althopugh it should of had a twist like a death or seperation e.g Edek dies of turberculosis then it would be a working environment

  4. lucy

    1)I have mixed feelings about the ending because i like it how they lived happily ever after but i would have liked it to be more exciting.
    2)I was accepting it to end up like it did because it was quite easy to guess what was going to happen.
    3)I would have liked if Edek died or Jan got adopted by the farmers.

  5. Chessie \( ^ _ ^ )~

    Personally, I don’t like the ending. As Miss Durman said, it’s too predictable! I was expecting Edek to die of tubercolosis or brain damage or some kind of illness. I thought that the ending was going to be very pessimistic and melancholy but, I was so wrong! I would have preferred more of an action, tension filled ending though..

  6. lucybranton

    I am very disappointed with the ending of “The Silver Sword”. I did not expect it to drop so suddenly with excitement. That is what disappointed me the most. All the way through the story it was really intriguing, and then the line just went dead, like this;

    ——————————————————————————– -_
    There was this complete drop, like excitement was a person and Excitement just walked of the edge of a cliff into the choppy, rocky waters 100 feet below.
    I guess I was kind of expecting the book to be boring the whole way through because the cover of the book was boring, so, as they say: “never judge a book by its cover” because “The Silver Sword”‘s cover is extremely deceiving. However, nearly all books have happy endings, so this was kind of predictable.
    If I could re-write the books ending, I wouldn’t, but I would add another chapter, and that chapter would go like this:

    The Monsters of the Night

    It was just a normal Saturday evening in the Jewish House. Margritt Baliki was putting Jan to bed. Jan was tiresomely questioning Margritt about what life was like before she gave birth to Ruth.
    “Where did you live? Did you have water back then? Are your parents dead? Why did-” Jan was cut off by Margritt.
    “Tomorrow, Jan.” Margritt butted in.
    “Bu-bu-bu-bu-” Jan stammered.
    “Tomorrow.” She said firmly as she planted a soft kiss on his cheek, tucked the bed sheets tightly down the sides of his bed, and stalked out of the room, whilst stretching out an arm to flick off the light. Then, she walked to her own bedroom, climbed into bed, and sighed.
    “What’s the matter dearest?” Says Margritts spouse, Joseph, as he enters the room. Joseph had just came in from putting Bronia and Mica (Mica had been recently taken in from being a street orphan. His parents had been killed in an Air Raid.) to bed.
    “I’m so excited, Edek’s coming home tomorrow!” Margritt Exclaimed joyfully.
    “There’s something else, I know there is. We’ve been together for nearly twenty five years! I thought we had no secrets!” Said Joseph sadly.
    “I’ve just got a really bad feeling that something bad is going to happen tonight.” She said worriedly.
    Joseph reached out and flipped the light off, and climbed into bed. He squeezed Margritts hand and whispered in her ear: “Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine. Just go to sleep.”

  7. Louis Benjamin

    i personally don’t like the ending because its very predictable and its obvious that would happened, i thing they should put a twist on it, so maybe the Burgomaster returns or Edek dies. i feel the ending is what we were all expecting a usual story ending “and they all lived happily every after.” i was also slightly disappointed at the end it was very boring and does not appeal to me. BANTER

    1. dramaatdartmouth Post author

      Always use a capital letter for ‘I’ and at the start of sentences. ‘Banter’ is not an appropriate ending to this work. I really like the idea of the Burgomaster returning!

  8. Georgia

    I quite like the ending, as it was after all a happy one. However I thought it was very predictable and would have liked a turn of events or a cliff hanger. I expected there to be a catch at the end as well, this would have made this fabulous story even more so. I would have preferred the ending to be set a few years on, so that we could see more of what life was like after this interesting adventure. Overall I really, really enjoyed the book though.

  9. melissa

    1) To be fair i did not like the ending, as alfter all that advencher i think the ending should be more dramatic and a good cliff hanger.
    2) The ending i did not expect, i would have thourt that because of Edek illness he would atlest died and broina would be older.
    3) i would have wonted to see a drama like Edeks deth.

  10. shannon

    1) For me the ending was ok but I would have liked to see a more dramatic ending though
    2)The ending was what I expected, it was to predictable
    3)I think the writer should have included a twist at the end for example Edek becoming more and more unwell

  11. Alisha Clifford:)

    I personally don’t like the ending because its very predictable, I would have liked another journey to happen maybe something like the farmer and his wife came back but he is under control by the Burgomaster and they all separate, just anther cliff hanger to go make you buy a new book!

    I liked the whole book as it made you want to keep picking it up, you want to know what is going to happen but the end kind of let it down a mystery or maybe adventure. Maybe another book to go into more detail… not summing it up in half a page i think the ending let the book down a bit.

    I loved this book and i would advise you to read it as its an amazing book to read!

  12. luke

    I think that the ending was very predictable as they live happily ever after but i think that it should have more drama in it and do something that was not expected.

  13. grace yates

    1) I think its going to end with them finding their parents, but Edek will die soon after they fined their parents.
    2) Ruth will become a teacher on a school and eventually get married and have her own kids.
    3) Bronia would grow up a happy girl and work on her drawings, probably become a artist in the future.

  14. keeley bush

    Most books end in a ‘happily ever after’ situation. I personally think that the ending could have been more dramatic or exciting. For example, one of the girls or Jan could have got Tuberculosis and Edek would have slowly been getting better just as one of the other children got worse. Then the book could move on, maybe 25 years, then every one would have moved on an would have their own children. Then another war starts and Ruth and her husband get taken away and the children get left behind in the house like what happened to Ruth, Bronia and Edek, then they have to go through what the three children went through 25 years ago but they fail to find their parents and get caught by the burgomaster. They then get sent to live with their Auntie Bronia and her husband and children. Then they never see their parents again.

  15. erin

    i liked the ending because it was unexpected and the fact that its based on a true story was quite was quite sad because edek dies in real life but they made it so that you dont cry. i didnt expect edek to ask Ruth , Bronia and Edeks mum to be his mum .

  16. Ralph

    I think they will be reunited with there parents they all move back to Switzerland and they will live happily ever after. I have not red the end of the book yet.

  17. tyler urch

    The ending was not what i was expecting, I thought Edek would surely perish due to the harsh conditions of the storm and his Tuberculosis, although i like a happy ending i think Edek should have died. Stories should not suddenly jump from horrifying and dangerous to happy and safe.
    Endings should not be rushed like that because it completely ruins the suspense.


  18. kieron

    HL I’m happy with the ending and it ended different to what I waz thinking it whold end but I think it needs a bit of drama at the end or cliff hanger to make it more intrusting .

  19. Finley webb

    Personally I did not find the ending exciting and dramatic because it was to predictable, strait from the start i know my self that they would find their parents, and have a happy ending. That’s my problem with the book, personally I think that it should be dramatic like Edek should die in his mother or farthers arms not from tuberculosis but by an undercover German spy or even the burgomaster that has snuk on the train and waited for the right moment to pounce and kill Edek. And that is what I think should of happend at the end of the book and left it on a cliff hanger.

  20. katie stevens

    I think that the ending was way to predictable! I thought that it could have been so much more tension-filled and so much more exciting! I do like the ending though, and I am happy that they were all able to live together again and lead normal lives. But I do think that someone could have died, or something could have gone wrong!:/ I think that this book is really good and uses quite a lot of emotive language in it and I personally really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  21. Nadia Batchelor

    I think that the ending was very good, but they didn’t mention Edek, Bronia or Jan that much. The ending was a bit annoying because it doesn’t say what happened to the others that much like did Edek get cured.

    1. Miss Anslow

      Make sure questions finish with a question mark.
      You will find out this information once you read the final chapter, I hope you enjoy it.

  22. megan

    I think that the silver sword is a fantastic book and is very interesting and tells a very detailed story of there family. I think the ending could have been a bit more of a twist as everything ends happily, I think maybe they could have made it a bit unusual and add something no one was expecting but apart from that its one of the best books that I have read in a long time! 🙂


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