Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 17 December

Explain how, in your creative writing piece this morning, you have already started to address your target for improvement from the mock.

Comments in the box below by tomorrow, please.

Mr Legowski


13 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 17 December

  1. Georgia Atkins

    I think one of my targets was to describe the setting in more depth at the start of the chapter. Therefore I have made sure I have done this and have included the senses.

  2. Rhiannon

    I think that I have managed to slow down with the plot this time, introducing the characters more than I did, so that the audience can make their opinion more easily. Also, I haven’t included so much into the story so that the scene is much clearer, and I have remembered to write out simple things like numbers

  3. Mary-Anne Johnson

    I have been ensuring I use apostrophes in certain words and varying my punctuation by using colons and semi colons.

  4. Olivia Kennard

    I have begun to complete my target by having planned my work more carefully and arranging it in an appropriate order. Futhermore, I have begun to use a range of punctuation to help intrigue the reader more and help them to connect with my protagonist.

  5. Meg hallett

    I have planned thoroughly and researched spellings, I have also been re-reading what I write and using a range on punctuation therefor stopping myself from making silly mistakes.

  6. joe dooley

    I have put alot more dialogue into my story, and have focused more on description than action, slowing the pace down slightly.

  7. jake

    in the writing that I did this morning I tried to use some different punctuation that I didn’t last time to try and improve my SPaG mark

  8. Josie

    One of my targets was to do a detailed plan, which I think I’ve done and another was to use semi colons which I have done.

  9. Brandon

    One of my targets is to improve on my punctuation and spelling because I gained a low mark in my SPAG. I have went on to improve this by writing words what are difficult to spell on my plan.


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