Year 11 – CA preparation

Please be aware that unless I have seen three paragraphs of the kind of writing you intend to include in your chapter and you bring a plan, you will not start the CA in lesson time, but in YOUR time during lunchtimes this coming week. Post your three paragraphs in the comment box.
As a taster, here’s an example of an opening by one of your friends – what mark do you think it should achieve (out of 24)? – justify your mark.

Living at the Edge

James sprinted through the superstore as the main doors were shot off their hinges. He searched for a place to hide. As he ran up the aisles, he heard the men getting closer: their whispers were becoming more prominent every second. James, whose back started to ache as he carried his old, worn brown rucksack, had to think harder than he ever had before: those years working hard on maths and Englsh seemed pointless now – the only thing he could use to save himself was not taught to him over the last 17 years of his life, but instinct.
James now realised the men had to be the police. They used to be known as protectors of citizens, but now the force only hired people who could cope with blood and death. A lot of the police were ex-convicts. Of course, the government, or what was left of it, had been corrupted, not by money, as money was almost useless, but by fear – the fear of losing power. The newspapers, though, were still calling the police the defenders of Great Britain.
‘I can’t see a damn thing,’ said one of the officers.
‘Well, go and turn on the main pwer system, you idiot,’ replied another in a rough, powerful voice. James noticed, looking through one of the shelves, that the third officer was only young. He must have been around 18 and was looking around in fear. James felt sorry for him. A loud bang and the lights above came on – James now had to hide, but where?


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