Tenth Day Evaluation – Year 8

By Monday, please fill in the comments box to give us your feedback on Tenth Day.
1. List three things you learened on this Tenth Day
2. How did today link in with the theme of resilience
3. Which was your favourite part of the day?
4. Out of 10, how much dd you learn on this Tenth Day?
5. OUt of 10, how hard did you work?


10 thoughts on “Tenth Day Evaluation – Year 8

  1. Georgia

    1.Today I learned that working with a variety of people is a good thing, because it gives you a chance to “magpie” interesting ideas!
    2. That being resilient mostly results in the desired outcome.
    3. That is doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed the first time, as long as you try your best.

    Today linked well with the theme of resilience, especially as many of us were confused with what time we were supposed to meet up at the Dart centre. My favourite part of the day was seeing everyone else’s work and experiences presented at the end of the day.
    2/10- today’s learning
    8/10- today’s efforts.

  2. Chessie \( ^ _ ^ )~

    Hi. This is my feedback on our ‘ Resillience ‘ tenth day.

    ( 1 ) The three things that I learned from this tenth day were
    Teamwork,RESILLIENCE and how to use storytelling techniques
    To make a story be told with more passion.

    ( 2 ) Today linked in with Resillience because we had to be resillient to work as a team, practice practice practice to make a successful performance of ‘ Yellow Submarine ‘ and be able to sing loud enough to please Dartmouth Caring.

    ( 3 ) My favourite part of the day was when we had English. I liked the variations of games that we played and listening to others tell stories!

    ( 4 ) Out of a scale of 10, I think I learned 6/10.

    ( 5 ) Out of a scale of 10, I think that so worked 8/10.

  3. lucy

    1. I improved my team work skills, resilience and story telling techniques.
    2.we had to be resilient because we need to work as a class or a team to produce a power point, play thing or a musical piece.
    3.I liked when we did the story telling because we were active and we got to act and play fun mini games.
    4. on a scale from 1 to 10 i learnt 7/10
    5. on a scale from 1 to 10 i worked 6/10

  4. katiee12358

    1) The three things I learnt this tenth day are probably;
    • You have to be resilient in anything and everything.
    • You can make presentations without PowerPoint and posters.
    • How to properly tell a story by using gestures.

    2) today linked with resilience because yesterday proved just how resilient you and others can be and you can fight for your rights.

    3) My favourite part of the tenth day is probably when we did the yellow submarine performance because it required a lot of persistence to get it right and music was a fun subject to put into a tenth day.

    4) On a scale of 1-10, I probably learned 6-10.

    5) On a scale of 1-10, I worked at an 8.

  5. julie

    This is my feedback on tenth day
    1)The three things I have learnt is (texture, timbre and resilience) I used resilience though out the whole day and texture and timbre in music.
    2)Tenth day linked with the theme of resilience because we had to be resilient in the story telling as we had to keep changing the story to make it link to resilience and we had to keep practising our piece.
    3)My favourite part of the day was when we did the story telling as we expressed the story and acted it out.
    4)I think I learned 7/10
    5)i think i worked 8/10

  6. Nadia

    1. Resilience, Hacksaw and Timbre.
    2. In Music we linked to resilience because we never gave up in learning the Yellow Submarine.
    3. My favourite part was music because we got to whatever instrument we wanted to.
    4. I think I Learned at a 8.
    5. I think I Worked at a 8.

  7. katie stevens

    1. i learned that when you are having trouble with something you have to be resilient in order to carry it out, i learned that when you tell stories you have to use expression and gesture, and i also learnt how to play the gloconschpiel.
    2. in music i had to learn how to play the goconschpeil for the first time in ten minutes.
    3. my favourite part of the day was music because i got to learn the most new things.
    4. out of ten i think that i learnt about a seven
    5. out of ten i worked at a seven

  8. jenna

    1. I learned how to use resilience in a range of different subjects, not just 1 or 2.
    2. I worked with people I don’t usually work with, and we got on really well.
    3. How to use gestures to emphasise (I think that’s how you spell it…) your ability to storytell, and make it more interesting.

    I linked the tenth day with the theme of resilience by working with people I don’t often work with, and because at some points, we all had different ideas, but we put those ideas together to create an ultimate idea, not just give up and have an argument.

    6/10 – learning

    7/10 – working

  9. Tia D

    1. I learnt to always try somthing new even if it doesn’t work, how to get things done when you have little time to do so and also how to tell a story using gestures.
    2. This linked with resilience because for example music, at first when we peformed together we weren’t very good, but after we practiced for a while we created a successful piece of music
    3. My favourite part of the day was when we told a story but instead of acting it out we used hand gestures to tell it.
    4. 7/10
    5. 7/10

  10. tyler urch

    1.you should keep trying new challenges until you succeed, how to communicate in Norse and if you cant work well with your group you wont succeed.
    2. It links with resilience because everyone makes mistakes so people try again until they succeed.
    3.my favorite part of the day was when we learned how to communicate in Norse.


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