Year 8 home-learning

We are almost at the end of ‘The Silver Sword’.

With only a couple of chapters to go, I would like to hear what you think will happen at the end?

Please post your comments in the box below.

Miss Durman

37 thoughts on “Year 8 home-learning

  1. brenden.b

    I think they will find there mum and dad and they will get captured and escape and get a new home and has to overcome lots of challenges.

  2. Katie

    In The Silver Sword, I think that;
    โ€ข The children- Ruth, Edek and Bronia will eventually find their parents and Jan will probably leave them.

  3. Jonah Hughes

    I think the children will loose Jan when they cross the lake. They will find their Dad and have to go to Germany to find their Mum. I think their will be a chapter 10 years on when they finally find Jan after all that time…

  4. Chessie \( ^ _ ^ )~

    I think that this a very mysterious book. To me, the ending will turn out something like this;

    – Edek,Ruth and Bronia will attempt to cross the lake but there will be

    (A) A storm


    (B) They will have no luck on finding their parents and Jan will get ditched in the middle of the lake….

  5. shannon burrows

    I think the story will end something like this;
    The parents will be reunited in switzerland and will later continue the search for their children.The children make there way to switzerland as promised (with jan still in their care) and eventually find their parents, the mother gladly takes jan in to her care and joseph thanks jan for all he has done for his family.

  6. keeley bush

    I think that the children will find their mum then find their father and Jan will be excepted as another son or brother for Edek.

  7. melissa

    I think that Jan will run away after they have found their mother and farther as he will feel un welcome and the children and the parents will go after him and start the journey again.

  8. Georgia

    I anticipate that Ruth, Bronia and Edek will find their father, but not their mother. I also think that they would feel sorry for Jan as he has nowhere to go and unknown parents, therefore they will let him join their family. I anticipate this ending because most of the way through the book the children have accepted Jan as family, so I would be surprised if they left him after all their experiences together.

  9. lucybranton

    I think that in the Silver Sword it will end with a cliffhanger. I think that maybe when they are crossing the river there will be a really big storm, as it says in the chapter: “The Storm”. There will be a shipwreck, with the whole family thrown out of the boat. They wake up the next morning, but something is wrong…

    Bronia is missing.

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am loving this book! Anyone who hasn’t read it, I highly recommend you do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. lucy

    seeing as a read the whole book i shall say what i thought about it. I thought it was interesting book and it made me want me to read so much that i finished it before the class. It had interesting vocabulary some of which i have never heard of or used in my own pieces of work. it would recommend it to anyone who hasnt read and likes adventure books (but it still doesn’t beat a series i am reading ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Tom Cobain

      In all fairness no one was told to read ahead so you will now have to read it or listen to other pupils read it again but and miss out of some pieces of work like this however you said you read all of it and some just skipped to the last page.
      P.S I agree this is a great book and so was the one from Yr 7 (A Monster Calls)

      1. lucybranton

        Tom, no one was told they COULDN’T read ahead. All Miss Durmam said was she didn’t recommend reading ahead as we might spoil it for others, which people who did read ahead didn’t do. So, in all fairness when Miss Durman set the home learning, she did set another home learning for the people who were so engaged in the book that they read ahead because they were so enjoying it because it is a fantastic book, and to conclude, it is a good thing that Lucy read ahead because it proves what a good book the Silver Sword it.

        The end.

  11. Alisha Clifford:)

    I think that at the end it is a new beginning for the family and they will unite again. I also think that Jan would be invited in to there lives and be accepted as he is.Margret will be happy to have Jan but maybe be upset about the silver sword as it is one of her Favorite possession.

    I really enjoy this book, and it brings me into the story and makes it come alive(in sort of away)


  12. Beth pyne ๐Ÿ˜œ

    I think that Edek will die because he is very ill so Ruth and Bronia will have to fight for themselfs and go on to switserland to find there mum and dad, jan will leave them. Bronia and Ruth find there mum and dad and find a home and Jan will come back and jive them the silver sword!

  13. julie

    I think the story will end like this…They can not walk to Switzerland because of the mountains and the fact the temperature is so cold.So they will have to get there by boat and the water will be really dangerous. There boat may not be strong enough and they may get stuck on a cliff or some rock, and may have to live of the land and build another boat. After that I think they will find there dad and get a telegram that there mum is dead…

  14. Yaz:)

    I think that there will be a storm and their dad dies?! Then they find their mum and stay with her, I predict that the ending will be quite sad/happy at the same time. I also think Jan will not return and will stay and live with the nice old people. I’m not sure what will happen to the silver sword though, maybe its lost and nobody knows where it is because it was taken away or the children have it, or Jan keeps it.


  15. Tom Cobain

    I think that the Balicki children will cross the lake in Switzerland and there father will not be their but eventually they meet their Father who went to collect their Mother.

  16. Abbi

    I think they will find their mum and dad and Jan will most probably move in with them. They might get caught, but i think they will escape. Then they will live happily ever after.

  17. Andy Ryder

    I think there will be a big twist and they will lose. From the next chapters name I think it will be about a storm maybe they get blown in to the river and go Down stream or they’ll have along hold up because of connection

  18. katie stevens

    i think that the children will cross the lake nut get caught up in a storm and will lose either jan or edek. i also thinkt hat they will only find their father but will know where their mother is and be kept away from her.

  19. Bronwyn

    I think that, while crossing the river, there is a storm. In this storm across the river someone goes overboard. (maybe Jan) But i think they will wash up on the other side where they meet Joseph. And they will all be re-united again. I recon that Jan will be welcomed to the family but instead he chooses to go on an adventure to find someone/thing. Joseph will take Ruth, Bronia and Edek back to his house and Their mum will nurse Edek back to health.

  20. jenna

    I think that Edek will die because of his health, so then they meet the dad and they have a funeral and the mum turns up and then Jan knows the mum so he decides to leave in the night, but he leaves a note. I think he will go back to the Wolff’s and live with them and the family will go back to visit them every so often. They will all live hap;pily ever after.

  21. martha.bamforth

    I think they will find mum and dad and get a new house and have to get thrugh diffclet times in getting jobs and get Jan under controll as he joins the family.

  22. Tia D

    I think there will be a major storm as they cross the river and Edek will become seriously ill and maybe even on the verge of death. I also think that they will find the mother but, it won’t be all happy because one might die or do missing but they will have to move on through the tragic time. I think that Edek will find both parents and say his farewells and pass away.

  23. tyler urch

    I am definitely enjoying this book at the moment, i love the characters and the adventures they have, i predict the book will end like this.
    They will cross the lake safely but Edek will fall in a coma and they have to carry him to safety, i think this because of how much Ruth doubts Edek will make it, then they find their dad and in a hospital they revive Edek and they look after jan as if he was their own child.


  24. grace yates

    I think it going to end as story’s like these always end they cross the lake they find they’re parents and they live together really, really happy. but there might be a twist and that Edek might die soon after they find they’re parents.


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