Mr Legowski’s Yr 10 home learning – due Tuesday 17 December

The home learning is two-fold:

  1. Explain how, in your poetry essay, you have begun to address your target for improvement from the mock.
  2. Read the exemplar poetry essay I’ve emailed you and list the things that make it a C-grade, i.e. what does it do well. It’s not a great essay but it did achieve 16/24.

Mr Legowski


36 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s Yr 10 home learning – due Tuesday 17 December

  1. Lucy

    1) During the first part of my poetry test today i have tried to address my target by supporting almost every important point made with a quotation from the poem.
    2) I think that the writer of the essay has structured their points well and have taken their own ideas from the poem, made statements about them and supported the statements made with quotations from each poem.

  2. olivia

    1) From the first part of my assessment I have tried to address my target audience by giving a few examples to put my point across.
    2) I think the writer put their points across quite clearly, they also didn’t blabber on to much and they went straight to the point and gave an example to back it up.

  3. Tara

    1) During the first part of my assessment I have tried to provide as much evidence as I can to support my points.
    2) I think the writer has structured their poem very well, and has put their points across very clearly. They have used many valid points to back up their points and didn’t drag on.

  4. ellie

    1) I explained why the poet used the language features he did. Also i have a better understanding of the poems.
    2) I think the poet explained their points well and expanded on them. The poet alos used evidence to back up his points fully.

  5. Nell Perrott-Pitcher

    1) i didnt do the mock

    2) i think the writer put their points across clearly, they developed their points well and gave examples to back them up.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Nell, although you didn’t complete the mock, I DID provide feedback on what you had written. I also emailed you with feedback on Wednesday 11 December. Please make sure you know what you have to do before continuing with the poetry assessment tomorrow. Mr Legowski

  6. Suki

    1. I’ve included more examples from the poem in my plan to quote them and back up my points in the assessment and making sure I’m thoroughly writing in PEE paragraph structure.
    2. It is well structured and relevant, always going back to the original question. They go straight to the point and the language they use isn’t dull, they obviously know what they’re talking about throughout.

  7. Tally

    1. I have developed my answers and added more examples for my point and i have started to develop my points.
    2. The writer has made it very clear and has made the paragraphs very to the point. The writer has made really good points and has explained them well. They had a very clear understanding to what they had to do.

  8. jacob h

    1 i have extended my answer more than in the mock and therefore writing more about each poem
    2 i have not received an email yet

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Jacob, all of the above students and you received the same email (Eloise alone had issues with her iPad) so you need to check your inbox again. The email with the exemplar poetry essay was sent last Wednesday 11 December to ALL Year 10 students. Mr Legowski

  9. Eloise

    Iv just got the email though so in the grade C work they have use very good lanunge and good discrbing words and they are a very good writer.

  10. Troy S

    1. On the assesment from yesterday I have started to addres my target by carefuly spelling all words and also made sure I had time on the end to spell check, ive also paragraphed my work.

  11. kieran patten

    The poetry essay that im doing is going well i am using my p.e.e paragraphs to say my point my evidence and explation

    In the grade poetry i think they really know what they was saying because they descrined why that one thing is doffrent to this thing or does it have rytham

  12. oisin

    in the poetry essay I’ve started to do well even though i done the plan too long with full sentences but I’m not very good at using p.e.e paragraphs but I’m trying my best and wish i had more time for doing the essay in lessons.

    i hope i’ll do well in the essay i want to get at least a c grade.

  13. troy s

    He can improve by going back to the question and keep refering to it, but he had done well on providing evidence and explaining what effect it has.

  14. Elliot Tremlett-Jones

    1. I am going to improve on my mock by writing about the task as I diddnt really stick to it and I only got 9 marks because of it.
    2. I can’t get the email

  15. Erin

    I improved by using more examples of language features in the assessment. I also, started to develop my points.
    The C grade work was really good because they developed their points by using PEE paragraphs.

  16. Samantha

    1)I am improving in my assessment by explain points and getting better examples from the poems.
    2) The poem is structured well and points are made clear to answer the question given.

  17. Chloe

    1) I included quite a few examples in my essay to back up my points so they’re not so general.
    2) They structured their points well and the points were very clear answers to the question.

  18. james callard

    1) i have to use smaller quotes in my exam and i think i have begun to achieve it
    2)The C grade work was really good because they developed their points by using PEE paragraphs.

  19. Louis R

    1) I tried to improve my points by giving more quotes to use as evidence that can help for my PEE paragraphs.
    2) My email does not work, I emailed the one that you should use.

  20. Georgia Lock

    I am improving my essay by making sure my sentences link and do not go back to points and explain later on. I have tried to make my essay more organised.
    The poem is well structured and organised referring well back to points.

  21. Sophie

    I am improving my essay by expanding my points thoroughly and explaining why the aspect of the poem is effective. I am also using appropriate examples to back up my points and explanations.

    The poem uses good example to back up the points made and they are very relevant and effective. For example, “the moon wrapped in brown paper” backs up the point perfectly of the moon being like an onion.

  22. Niamh

    I am improved on my mock essay by looking back at Expose and deciding that i wouldn’t do it in my essay because there were a few things i was unsure of.
    The poem uses examples to back up all the points they made and they have structured their essay well.

  23. Emilia

    1) I have improved on my mock essay by backing up every point I made with a quotation to help provide evidence and structure my opinion.
    2) I haven’t received an email.

  24. Rosie

    1. In my essay I have remembered to not make any references to The Pied Piper of Hamlyn or PTSD. I have begun to question the points I have made and I am using more evidence from the poems to support my points.
    2. The points made within this essay are structured well and these points are supported with valid and appropriate evidence.

  25. Molly

    1) I used appropriate quotes and examples to back up my points, and spoke about the effectiveness of them.
    2) The essay is well structured, and the points made are very clear.

  26. Jordan

    1)I have extended all of the paragraphs that I could to include more detail.
    2)The writers points were quite clear and obvious and they refer back to them in the text.

  27. Jaz

    1) in my poetry essay for me to improve I have to use evidence from the poems and I’ve tried to do that.
    2) the writer gave their points clearly and then backed it up with statements and evidence.

  28. ruby w

    1) In my essay I have used more quotations to boost my grade and expanded on the points I have made.
    2) The writers clear points show he has fully understood the task and has backed them up with quotes from the text and refers back to the text regularly.


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