Miss Durman’s 10y1 Home-learning due Thursday 12th December

After looking at ‘Conscientious Objector’ in the lesson today, answer the following question in the comment box below.

How is personification used within the poem?

Miss Durman


5 thoughts on “Miss Durman’s 10y1 Home-learning due Thursday 12th December

  1. jack munslow

    In they are saying that they would only die for death and that is all I will do for death.
    Also it says business in Balkans and that was a place where the war was.
    Also in the poem it says he wouldnt tell death where his friends or enemies are, so he would save his enemies because he doesnt want anyone to die.

  2. Shane

    Personification is used to make death sound like a horseman and saying that death is not to blame for the murder of humans, humans are to blame I know this because death has been made to make killing sound like a job (war). The evidence for this is on stanza 2 lines 3 and 4 ‘business in the Balkans.’ I believe that this is referring to the Balkans war in 1912 because we have already learnt about 3 poems including war.

    Personification is also used to make the poem last because if it wasn’t personified then the poet or persona would be talking about anything death related not just humans or a person killing others.

  3. kieran patten

    I think it has they have made death like a human but ia bad human and what yjis guy is.trying to do is.stop death from.doing what hr.wants to.to.essentully is.do.bad.things and.kill.people also in the poem it also says.that this woman or man will pretect her friend and her enemys.from this.ghasley man lukre this.death figure that we know and who.she mentions.

  4. Eloise

    How is personification used within the poem?

    He saids ‘business in the balkans’ this is showing/telling us what he wants and where is is getting it from.
    ‘ I shall die, but that is all I shall do for death’ he is saing he will die for something that he loves and the personification used is ‘I shall die’

  5. Oisin

    I think that its says that death is only in it for the cash and we are the puppets and he is the puppet master and he can pull the string (insidently killing us) when ever he wants just so he can get paid but what I want to know is who’s pays death……..


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