Miss Durman’s 11×2 and 11y1 home-learning – due Wednesday 11th December

Having looked at narrative structure during the lesson today, I would like you to comment in the box below about your own creative writing.

Will you be writing in first or third person and why?

Miss Durman


12 thoughts on “Miss Durman’s 11×2 and 11y1 home-learning – due Wednesday 11th December

  1. Lucy Stone

    My creative writing peice will be in third person. I would like it to be in third person, because first person does not allow total coverage of each characters point of view. Also, the use of third person means that I can explore the emotions of all the characters, and create unbiased perceptions of the surroundings in the story.

  2. Jess Branton

    In my creative writing story, I will be writing it in 1st person. In my point of view, you can get across more detail and information about your character. If it was in 3rd person it would be difficult to explain your character to the reader of the story.

  3. Charlotte Reinicke

    I will write my story in third person because it enables me a larger amount of possibilities to tell my story more interestingly. I can for example give the reader informations that my main character doesn’t know yet. Or I can give the reader some indications about the future to make my story more thrilling, something that I couldn’t do if I wrote in first person.
    Besides my first paragraph won’t start at the beginning of the story, but with an important and more interesting event happening a little bit later at an other point in the story.
    Additionally, at the beginnig my main character will be an unknown person and the reader will, while reading my story, gradually learn more about him. So he has to use his fantasy and will build up a better bond to the character because he will meet him like a real person (first, he knows only his gender, then his name, afterwards, he will discover his personality, know about his thought, meet his family…).

  4. Cassie Richmond

    I will write my story in third person, this is because you can introduce more characters, and you are in the minds of all the characters. You can also get more information about the main character, and feel the emotions not just for the main character but all of them.

  5. Mysterion

    I will write my creative writing in first person. First person gives the reader a real connection to one particular character. This draws the reader in and wants them to read on through the book due to the strong relationship between the reader and the persona. My story is about a central character and his journey therefore in first person it would allow the reader to identify with his character. I will use the thoughts and feelings of the character to build a better bond. This will help to build on the personality of the character and his background story.

  6. Joel Atwell

    I will be writing in first person because it allows you to write in more depth about your character. Also i gives you more range and detail to include.

  7. aimee is swag

    I my creative writing, I will be writing in first person because I think it creates more of a personal connection between the reader and the character. I also think when using first person you can describe more and more efficiently about the character’s emotions and feelings.

  8. Teagan is swag

    I will be writing in third person because it allows you to show emotion within all characters, and explore how all characters feel. It allows you to set the scene easier and explain the story in more deapth.

  9. Leonore

    I will write my story in the first person, because I find it easier to show the feelings of the character and old memories in this way. I can also create a better tenseness because the reader knows only the things the main character knows and he can feel better the way the character does. That makes it more real and believable

  10. savannah

    I will be writing my story in first person because I feel I can get a better idea of the main charactor and it will be displayed in a point of view that will absorb the reader into the story.Also, as I dont have many other charactors in my story, it will be focussing on the main charactors journey and therefore I am not going into a great detail on other charactors point of view- the story will focus on the stress of her journey, her emotional conflict and the need to survive. Also I think it would make it easier to talk about the charactors ideas, emotions, and reactions to the situations that are presented to her.

  11. Sarah Hamill

    My creative writing peice will be written in 3rd person. I am doing this because I would like the story to be seen from a nerators perspective, this will give the reader a wider view on my characters involved also it will help to include more detail in what is happening.

  12. Micah

    In my creative writing I will be writing in first person because I think this will give more depth to my story, also writing in this makes it easier for me to use the 5 sensors. This means I would write in chronological order to make the reader see and understand everything which the character would have gone through.


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