Year 10 – Mr Bakewell’s set

It’s report time again. What GCSE grade do you think you are working at (A-G) and what Effort grade do you deserve (A-E)? Justify your grades with a couple of paragraphs, acknowledging the work you have done on poetry this half term.


14 thoughts on “Year 10 – Mr Bakewell’s set

  1. solley m

    i think i am working at a D+ or a C- i think this because in most of my work i haved used P:E:E paragraphs which will boost my grade. I also belive that myenglish skills in genral have improved lots over the last month.
    I personally think that my effort grade would be considerly high so i would give myself a C or D , over these past months i have finally realised that english is very important so i need to work very hard.

  2. Sarah M.P.

    I feel that I am working at a grade E to E+. I feel this because I can write simple explanations for half of the devices that are very popular to use and give three examples to back up my point and give evidence. Throughout this term, I do not think that I have achieved higher grades, so I desperately need to improve my skills that I would accomplish by the end of this year.
    From my perspective, I feel that my effort grade is a D-, because I have pushed nearly all my effort throughout this unit, but still I need to start being positive and still improve my efforts towards English.

  3. Georgia B

    I think im working at a D because ive been doing good paragraghs for classwork lately but ive missed my assesement. My effort grade I think is a C because I try hard and I do my best on class work and assements but I think I could try even harder.

  4. william cheong

    I think I can get E- or E, because in the homework,lesson and test, I need to translate and search. So I can learn a lot of good words and knowledge .Therefor I think this lesson is very good for me,because I can speak well to my friends and teach my parents .But I need very hard working to study, because this is not my first language .And I think when I get this lesson until to now, my English already improve a lot. So I think late I can get D or C, but I know I need more hard working,then I can get this mark .So I will hard work very much. And the teachers and the classmates help me very much .Thank you

  5. ryan b

    i feel that i am working at d+ because my handwriting and spelling has improved ever since i started the extra lessons before school, i also think that my answers has improved because i can explain and extend my answers to match the success criteria.i think that my effort grade is high because i feel that i have tried really hard to get my answers in the high d’s i also think that i have tried to get every home learning the best it could be.

  6. Emily

    i think I am currently working at a D+ or C- grade. The reason I think this is because… I work very hard in class to achieve a good mark in many class work pieces. I also try and include many key terms and devices we have been previously learning about in assessments. I also think my speaking and listening has improved since the beginning of term so my effort grade I feel would be the same as my over all grade. I also have tried very hard to achieve a good grade as I know English is important to have.

  7. Josh s

    I feel that I am working at an E+ because my class work has been good because I’ve been using P.E.E paragraphs and I have a fairly good understanding of the poetic vocabulary, but I have been dropping marks with my homework and that is what I need to work on.

  8. Coral

    I feel that I am working at e-. This is because I don’t really get English and sometimes don’t do my homework what sometimes doesn’t help because it might actually be relevant
    I don’t like poetry find it boring but I guess we have to do it and also I can’t really spell and I don’t get any of thees poetic devices as I wasn’t here for that lesson and never really cached up – so I need to learn them to get a better mark on them.
    Also in lesson you said I wouldn’t pass my English exam so that’s why I think I am working at this grade
    this doesn’t really boost anyone’s confidence when you say this. Also not being mean but when you sit me next to the Chinese boys it doesn’t help us when we have to translate to them the hole lesson and don’t get any work done our self this doesn’t help us in anyway because we are meant to he learning our selfs.

  9. megan p

    i feel as though i am working at a E, because i find it hard to understand some things in lesson. it may take a while to sink in.
    i find poetry a bit boring as i dont really get it, i need to learn more of the poetic devises because they are hard to remember.
    i find that you don’t explain homework of class work clearly and when i go to ask other people they don’t know either.
    i agree with coral about sitting us next to the chinese boys, its hard to translate all the time then we to learn ourselves too.

  10. Georgia Lumley

    I think I am working at a D+ or C- because I use PEE paragraphs, I use examples to back up my points and explain them. I also explain the poetry techniques within the poems.

    I think the effort grade I deserve is maybe a C- because I put a lot of effort into my English work. I find poetry difficult but I put as much effort into it as possible.

  11. liam

    I think im working at about D- doing some work well but just not using enough detail and need better use of words. But I have improved more and more throught this term and hopefully will see a difference at the end of the assesment. My effort grade I feel is at about D/E, I do do all my work just somtimes, I am a little of task and need to concentrate more.

  12. Connor

    I feel that I’m working at a E/E+ As I’m not explaining the answers fully and I need to back my points up with evidence in my writing. I need to start using p.e.e paragraphs to improve my grade.
    For the effort grade, I feel that I’m trying but not as much as I should be so I would give myself a E. I’m trying to keep on track of my flight path in our next test and to achieve this I need to focus in class and try my hardest answering the questions throughout lessons.

  13. aidenlawrence

    right I have done this six times not again anyway I think my grade is d-c because my vocabulary has improved greatly lately so this is why I think that and my effort grade should be lower because honestly I haven’t put the greatest amount of effort into homework’s and I am putting so much more effort like now instance I would have given up on my second go but o’well done fingers cross I shall improve these grades by putting more effort in and giving more reasons to get my work done and having more ensusiam in my work


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