Mr Bakewell’s Yr 10 home learning – due Friday 6 December

Your home learning task is to mark the exemplar below using the GCSE criteria. Justify your mark in the comments box below.

Marks and comments by Friday 6 December, please.

Poetry CA exemplar (Word)

Poetry CA exemplar (PDF)




8 thoughts on “Mr Bakewell’s Yr 10 home learning – due Friday 6 December

  1. Sarah M.P.

    For this exemplar, the mark I will give out of 24 is 23. What went well was that when I read through the two paragraphs carefully, the punctuation, spelling, grammar and vocabulary was above and beyond. At the same time, it talks about the poet and the poem. Also it talks about the use of language used for example ‘ The first language feature I will look at is diction….’ Looking more into depth, there is an explanation of how the writer uses techniques to create an effect and how they contribute such as, exploring into detail, the use of cohesive devices and etc. this piece is very convincing by extracting evidence and giving examples for example ‘here, metaphor ”lighted up….heaven” describes the idea that the love the poet felt.” Adding onto this statement, it talks about the use of devices and the definition such as emotions, metaphors and etc. on the other hand, It would be even better if the writer would just a fraction, support the response to the poem but alternatively, spectacular, formal pieces of writing that would help me for my English assessment on poetry.

  2. George Voase

    I think this piece of writing is really good! It has a thorough explanation of how the writer uses literary techniques to create effect, thorough understanding of how techniques contribute to the effects created, sustained relevant connection made between techniques and presentational features and sustained, relevant textual reference to support the response. I also kept an eye out for spelling and grammar mistakes but i couldn’t find a fault. These two paragraphs have to points each which have been explored properly and have also been quoted. I would give this piece of writing a 20/24 as it is not developed enough to be 21-24 as the writer doesnt fully understand the in-obvious meanings of the metaphors.

  3. Connor

    In this example, I think that the writer deserved band 4 as all their punctuation and spelling was all good. They used good vocabulary and describe the poems very thoroughly throughout. The writer used good language skills, for example,” I will look at diction”, diction means the choice of words or phrases so they have developed the language skills as they didn’t just put choice of words.

  4. solley m

    I personally think the writer desevers a group 3 because the writing techniques were very high standerd and were not to fault. the punctuation and spelling are all mainly hight standerd. the choice of words is very key and picked the words very carefully.

  5. Georgia B

    This piece of work is really good and has got explained paragraphs through out. The puncuation is correct and spelling is good. Complex vocobulary and great detail. The marks I would give is 21-23 because they explain how effective the techniques were. It looked like he had an understanding on how the techniques contributed to the effects created.

  6. ryan b

    i would give this piece a band 4 or 5 because the writer understands the poets techniques and uses examples and from that the writer explores the answers they also explain the effects that the poet has used. the writer’s spelling and punctuation is very good they also uses very relevant vocabulary.

  7. william cheong

    I think this text is very good, because the writer’s writing techniques are very high,so make the text is very nice and the punctuation and spelling all are very nice.And are not to fault.And I can see in the text, the writer is very carefully to chose the words.So I think chose the words is very key.

  8. Georgia Lumley

    I would give this piece of writing deserves a band 4. The spelling is all accurate and the punctuation is very good. The writer uses examples from the poems which is good. They have used developed language and showed effects the poet has used.


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