Year 10 – Mr Bakewell’s set

Read the poem Invasion. From your learning in today’s lesson, you should be able to transfer your understanding to this poem and write a paragraph about either:
the voice of the poet (who is speaking and how he feels);
the imagery – what effect do the pictures in your mind have?;
the choice of words – can you spot any semantic fields?;
the rhythm and length of the lines.
Write your paragraph in the comments box below


5 thoughts on “Year 10 – Mr Bakewell’s set

  1. Sarah M.P.

    The rhythm in this poem called in ‘Invasion’ is used more widely and specifically to offer a sense of feeling. Throughout this poem, it uses two main rhythmtic patterns. Firstly, one of them is called dactyl which contains three beats. The three beats start off as if it was a pressured beat then lightly lifts up into a curious beat for example ‘ I shall die.’ Secondly, the other one is called chorian which contains four beats. It starts off again very pressured and serious and afterwards, it continues into a very gentle but still noticeable beat for example ‘ on the barn-floor.’ Both of these rhythmic patterns contain negativeness and positivness that are mixed. To be honest, I feel that the poet uses these kind of beats because he wants to get the message across that something is comming that nobody would expect. The beats tend to speed up to give it emotion.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Awesome stuff Sarah. This is a complex and difficult poetic idea that you have explained clearly.
      Don’t put ‘to be honest, I feel…’ just state your findings – you did well in the lesson and have done very well to put it into words. (it’s choriamb)
      Mr Bakewell.

  2. megan w

    In this poem there are different techniques on arranging words. For example there is the use of metaphors, in the poem it refers to a fox which is actually a young boy as well as it says “black boy hiding in the swamp” It refers to a young boy because a young boy is much more vulnerable in comparison to a elder man. The poem overall is full of different ways to represent words and phrases (choice of words)

  3. Solley m

    In the poem imagery is ver important. When it says ” the fox ran” it is referring to the black boy so it really makes you think. In my opinion imagery in this poem is very dominant in the first stanza , Becuase he mentions Cuba and houses completely to opposite things.Ipersonally think the poem is about slavery.

  4. Josh s

    In the poem invasion the poets voice is strong but also scared for example she says ” in death bringing uniforms they will march towards are homes. This makes me feel like she is trying to reassure the people around her but she also knows that she is going to die, personally I think this adds a lot of emotion to the piece when you think this has actually happened to someone and this is how they felt.


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