Mr Legowski’s Yr 9 home learning (both sets)

What’s the best thing about your Gothic story so far? Share your comments below so that everyone can benefit.

Comments by Thursday 5 December please.


20 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s Yr 9 home learning (both sets)

  1. Laura Peeke

    In my opinion the best thing about my gothic short story so far are my first opening sentences. This is because they are very descriptive and pull you in to the story. Also the opening creates tension and a hair-raising atmosphere.

  2. Charlie

    I think that the best thing about my gothic story so far, is a sentence towards the end of my first paragraph. It says ‘I could hear the darkness, but it couldn’t hear me. Maybe I was a beacon of hope.’ I really enjoy this as it sets up a lot of roads that I could possibly go down with my story.

    1. George Bakewell

      try: “I could hear the darkness, yet it refused to hear me. So I cursed, deceived and cheated the darkness, it will surely punish me.”

  3. George Bakewell

    I’m not going to recite a passage or anything (don’t want to ruin the story) but will try to get across my thought processes and why this is my favourite part.

    My favourite part of the story is the opening (not much competition: only part I’ve written).

    I open the story with an abstract and unique idea, intending to get the reader hooked. I then pursue and develop this idea whilst setting the scene. I use language in a way designed to make the reader feel uncomfortable (as the character is at that moment) to fully portray and get across the ominous atmosphere I intend to set up.

  4. Annabel

    The most effective section of my story is where I have added speech as my opening sentence. I believe this adds effect because it is exciting as well as intreging, as it adds not too much information to make the reader ask questions.

  5. brandon

    the best part of the gothic story is my opening scentance to the whole thing and that is. ‘it all started in a ally, a cold, dark, shivering ally.’ i like that because it describes the ally and like charlie said it leads to lots of different roads.
    thank you all the people for reading this it is done like it says by brandon woop woop

  6. Georgia Shapter

    I think that the best part of my story is the opening paragraph because it is very descriptive and I has used descriptive words and described the setting well

  7. Heather

    I think that the best thing about my gothic story is the opening sentence and the second paragraph. I think the opening sentence is effective because it makes you want to read. The second paragraph is quite effective because of the description.

  8. Harriet

    The best thing about my story so far i think is, the description and introduction of the character as you get to know a lot about them but not everything so it still leaves that sense of mystery. I made this effective by writing it in first person so the reader gets a better idea of the character.

  9. keesha

    In my Gothic story is the first paagraph because it has a lot of detaile about the main characters fellings and shows lots of emotion.

  10. Darion

    My gothic story has gone quite well so far, it is in first person which I enjoy writing in. And I like the detail I have used so far to describe the settings i have used.

  11. Luke harding

    My second to the end passage is the best because my hero kicks all of the vampires heads off then he goes and saves the person that nearly got some blood taken from him by the vampires and they ran out of the woods together

  12. Aaron

    My best part of my story so far is the prologue. In my prologue it explains why my character is where he is in the story. As well the character is in prison for a crime commited on his wife and kid.

  13. Jake

    I think the best part of my story so far is the begining because it puts you straight into the action and I think it draws the reader in and makes them want to read on. Also I think that my descriptive writing has improved so I must include it in my story to make it alot scarier.


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