Merchant of Venice – CRISP

For your questions on the casket scene, you need to explore and write about three or more of the following:
CHARACTER – what does this scene reveal about the characters
RELATIONSHIPS – how does this scene develop the relationships between characters
IDEAS – what is the message or question behind this scene and how does it relate to the theme in the question
STRUCTURE – is this a major moment in the play? – how far in does it occur?
PLOT – how does the story move forward at this point?


7 thoughts on “Merchant of Venice – CRISP

  1. James

    This scene reveals Portia to be scheming,cunning, intelligent and extravagant, in her methods. The choice of gold would seem an easy lure to catch out the gullible and materialistic. The choice of silver wards out the fools, those who settle for average and those who just aren’t brave enough. The choice of lead is to locate the brave, the noble and the risky types which she is seeking.It reflects on her character which is shown later in the book. It shows Bassanio to either be noble and risky because he loves her or a bit cunning himself so he can figure out the right one to get the money that fixes his problems.
    This scene shows all the additional characters to have a poor relationship with Portia because she dislikes them, however it shows Portia to favor Bassanio to the point of her giving him hints, which is further amplified when he is the only one to choose correctly, greatly improving their relationship.
    It presents the idea of what lengths people will go to for either love or money. As Bassanio has to pick between gold , silver and lead . The idea of love being down to a box choice may make it seem a little fake but there is the theme of love throughout the book and it would fit the theme if he did choose lead for love.
    It is a turning point in the play since it changes the pace of the first half to a much more desperate pace after it is done.It is the halfway point in the book just before the pacing and tone change, seeing if the events in the start leading up to this were worth it.
    The story moves forward with Bassanio`s success of achieving his goals at the start of the play and getting Portia. The letter he receives from Antonio makes the scenario much more grim with the news of his impending death and changes the plot to more actively involve Portia in the events in Venice , the main setting.

  2. Jess

    CHARACTER: In this extract Portia is testing Bassanio by telling him to choose a casket and if he chooses the correct one, he gets the honor of marrying Portia.
    RELATIONSHIPS: When Bassanio has to choose between the caskets, he says that he is tortured, “Upon the rack.” He doesn’t really know if he can marry Portia her or not.
    IDEAS: The main message in this extract is whether Bassanio will pick the correct casket, which will then lead to if he will marry Portia. Portia also explains what will happen if Bassanio picks the correct caskets.

  3. Simon MP (the BREADEGG)

    Character: In this extract of Merchant Of Venice, Shakespeare shows Portia is misleading and dishonouring her fathers request on the perfect man (in his thoughts), by giving a clue, but she is also testing weather the fact that he listens to her and has enough knowledge to solve the puzzle clue she gave him or the fact that Bassanio is actually dumb and not interested in her but her wealth?.

    Relationships: Bassanio has a relationship with Antonio, but, has one with Portia, as in he loves her and she love him relationship theme, and she is pressuring Bassanio to choose the right casket but he wants to focus on the clue and get the right casket but instead he say’s “Let me choose For as I am, I live upon the rack”, this could be meant by the fact is that Bassanio is saying just let me get over with this test!, but he contradicting him self by not choosing the wrong one.

    Ideas: Bassanio is giving himself ideas, thinking to himself what will happen next, if I choose the wrong casket I leave without nothing and may never see Portia again but one the second thought, I could end up with a wife and a wealthy family, but after the clue he knew which one to choose this is proven by that Bassanio say’s “Confess’ and ‘love’ Had been the very sum of my confession: O happy torment, when my torturer Doth teach me answers for deliverance! But let me to my fortune and the caskets”.

    Structure: The structure in this extract has a sequences of sentences that explain the feelings of one of another in the play, which Shakespeare describes them, as Portia she has given up herself by saying “One half of me is yours, the other half yours,”?, for Bassanio, he say’s: “Let me choose For as I am, I live upon the rack” and “Promise me life, and I’ll confess the truth”, this is meant by that he is going to tell the truth if she promises her marriage when if he choose right. this goes throughout the extract and through on the play!.

    Plot: The plot is that Bassanio want’s to marry Portia and asks for three thousands ducats to set forward the plan, and this happened at the start but Antonio ricks his life for Bassanio to help him but an obstacle got in there way and Bassanio that is now at Portia’s villa, is coming back from his gut feeling that Antonio has not been doing well?.

    I got no help! so no funny IDEAS -_-

  4. Rhiannon

    For your questions on the casket scene, you need to explore and write about three or more of the following:
    CHARACTER – This scene shows that Portia has no choice into whom she marries to fulfill her father’s wish, and although she and Bassanio have feelings for each other, Portia is clearly determined to maintain these wishes. Also, Bassanio is playing on luck when he chooses a gasket, being a gambling man, all his hopes ride on the choice he is going to make, may it be the ‘correct’ one or not.
    RELATIONSHIPS – Clearly a strong relationship has developed between Portia and Bassanio, because she does not want him to make the decision immediately, instead she wants to get to know him, and as she does, there are feelings growing between each other so that Bassanio has even more pressure on himself to guess correctly, as he has many things riding on this, such as paying Antonio back, so we learn that he ‘must’ guess correctly so that he has not betrayed his friend, nor his feelings.
    IDEAS – The idea in this is to whether Bassanio will pick the correct casket, allowing him to marry Portia, and quite simply live a life of carefree and relaxed events, the way he hopes things will pan out as he makes that all crucial decision, while Portia explains how he will receive his wishes if guessed correctly, but also the disappointment that lies behind the wrong caskets. However since she loves him, she drops not obvious hints to try and aid him in his decision.
    STRUCTURE – This is a major moment in the play as it determines both Portia and Bassanio’s futures, as to wherther they have luck on their side, or whether they have to live out their lives in misery because of what ‘fate’ decides.
    PLOT – Bassanio guesses the correct casket and he and Portia can marry, and are happy until Bassanio receives a letter from Antonio who is now at the court because he failed to pay Shylock’s money back because his ships have sunk, leaving Bassanio to go and save his friend..

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Great work again Rhiannon. What’s Shakespeare saying about the importance of making the right choices? Is decision-making exciting dramatically? What choice does Portia have? And Nerissa? And Jessica?

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  5. James

    CHARACTER: Portia is seen to be a cunning, clever person who can devise a test like the caskets in order to weed out those she believes worthy. This also reveals her ability to regain control of a situation by giving Bassanio little hints since she prefers him over the others. Where Portia was bound by her father`s will she was able to turn it around in her favor. This displays a strong character with the means to get what they want.
    RELATIONSHIPS: During their short time together Portia would appear to have developed a liking for Bassanio even to here trying to delay his choice should he pick incorrectly.Portia values this relationship above the other suitors and is trying to preserve it.This relationship is important because of the build up through the early scenes of the play and so much revolves around it. Bassanio would also appear to value it as well.
    IDEAS:There is the idea of love, a main theme in the play. Portia is shown to have fallen in love with Bassanio but it`s not 100% clear if he returns the feeling. His choice of “Hazard all he hath” could be risking it all for love or alternatively trying to be smart to get the money needed to fix all his debt problems. It`s never made fully clear at that moment what Bassanio`s motives for picking the lead box are .

  6. meg

    character: in this extract Bassano is being tested to open 3 boxes and if he choses the right one he gets to marry Portia.

    relationship: Bassano doesn’t know if he can marry Portia, because he only can if he picks the right box.

    ideas: there is ant a idea of anything its all depending on if he picks the right box to marry Portia also Portia tells Bassano what will happen if he picks the right box.


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