Year 10 Mr Bakewell’s Owen challenge

Read Exposure

1. Describe the atmosphere in the first stanza.
2. What is killing the soldiers?
3. What are the men holding in their hands in the final stanzas?
4. what happened to Wilfred owen during the First World War?
5. What poetic effect is ‘sudden successive…streak the silence’?
6. Identify (quote) one example of personificaion in the poem.
7. What are the poet’s feelings about God?

D grade – first three answers
C grade – first four answers
B grade – first six answers
A grade – all answers well explained

7 thoughts on “Year 10 Mr Bakewell’s Owen challenge

  1. ryan burrows

    1.the atmosphere is that it is night and the weather is a cold wind and the soldiers are so cold that it is hurting them the sounds of the poem that the weather is killing them because it does not state that the soldiers are not dying by the enemy but how all the stanza mentions is the weather the final stanza i think that the soldiers are holding shovels and pick axes and they are digging a deeper hole either to get to the enemy or to try and escape the weather.
    4.i think that wilfred owen was a soldier throughout the entire war and when it was over or when he was in the trenches he made this poem stating how bad it was to be a soldier there.

  2. Coral

    1. The atmosphere is about the night and the weather is a cold and the soldiers are very cold.
    2. The guns and the weather.
    3. Shovels and they might be like trying to get out of there or build another trench.
    4. I think that he was in the war and when he was in a trench he wrote this poem and wrote about the night and what he was feeling at the time.

  3. Sarah M.P.

    1) The atmosphere, in the first stanza sets the scene where it is during world war 1 and the weather is extremely chilly and bitter and so are the soldiers, standing in the silence of the night.
    2) the main reason why what is killing the soldiers, is leading onto my next point. All the soldiers, in the deadly silence are listening to the guns and different weapons being fired and probably the soldiers are feeling fearful and alarmed that they might get shot. For example it reads ‘Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence.’
    3) I feel that the soldiers might be handling shovels, desperately trying to mine a hole, through the muddy ground, to protect themselves or hiding from the enemy or it mainly means that part of the army are gently placing their friends, who have died during the war, under ground and creating graves for them.
    4) I have a feeling that what took place for Wilfred Owen, during World War 1, was that he decided to write this poem throughout the process of the war, through the years, while weapons were firing and innocent people were dying, so he could express his feelings through words.
    5) when it quotes ”Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence.’ It manages to use repetition as a poetic effect
    6)I’m not to sure, but one of the quotes which reads ‘Watching, we hear the mad gusts tugging on the wire’ is a personification.
    7) As Wilfred explains about God, I feel that he is trying to get the message across that while Wilfred and his mates are dying, God is waiting for them so he is probably explaining that their is life after death and you shouldn’t be afraid not being able to live.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Great thinking skills, Sarah. I really like the way you have read the poem. for the question on Wilfred Owen you have to do a little internet research! ________________________________________

  4. liam

    1) Its a barren wasteland, quite and really cold. Gives you an idea of what ww1 was like and how it felt to be there freezing cold tensing up on the thought that anything could happen.
    2) It does say about bullets but I think that its the cold harsh weather that there not used to.
    3) In the final stanza it talks about shovels and pics so I think there using them to either escape or dig trenches?
    4) To me it feels like wilfred was a soilder and this is like a diary of his/her time in the war.
    5) Alliteration? Not to sure.

  5. Georgia Lumley

    1) in the first stanza the poet is building up a mysterious atmosphere.
    2) it sounds like the soldiers are being shot in stanza 4 and 5.
    3) dead bodies.
    4) he fought in the war.
    5) alliteration.
    6) “winds that knive us…”
    7) “for gods invincible spring our love is made afraid; therefore, not loath, we lie out here; therefore were born, love of god seems dying.” In my opinion I think the poet is saying that he is losing the love he has for god.

  6. Josh s

    1.the atmosphere is that it is night and the weather is a cold wind and the soldiers are so cold that it is hurting them.
    2. It sounds like the soldiers are being shot.
    3. In the final stanza it mentions that they are using shovels and pics to dig deeper trenches or escape.
    4. I feel that Wilfred Owen was a soldier of some sort that wrote about his time in the war.
    5. Alliteration.
    6. “Winds that knife us”.


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