Year 11 Merchant of Venice HL #4

How would you act out the following speech? Post your answer in the comment box:

ANTONIO You know me well, and herein spend but time
To wind about my love with circumstance;
And out of doubt you do me now more wrong
In making question of my uttermost
Than if you had made waste of all I have:
Then do but say to me what I should do
That in your knowledge may by me be done,
And I am prest unto it: therefore, speak.


3 thoughts on “Year 11 Merchant of Venice HL #4

  1. Mary

    In this speech, Antonio is telling Bassanio that he knows him better than that so to stop wasting his breath and just tell him what he ought to do. ‘You know me well’ should be performed by Antonio maybe looking at Bassanio in disbelief, he could shake his head slightly and gesture to his friend.
    Towards the middle of the passage Antonio should walk closer to Bassanio as if trying to get an answer, he could raise his eyebrows as he is speaking and stand close to him to portray their friendship.
    ‘Therefore, speak’ Now Antonio has finished his speech, he is quite desperate as he really just wants to know what Bassanio wants him to do. This is because he wants to help his friend, he wants to help out and needs to be told what to do to enable himself to do this.

  2. Georgia Atkins

    In this extract the following line: ‘you know me well’, should be performed by Antonio looking into bassanios eyes as if to get an answer out of him. Furthermore he wants to really connect with Bassanio here.

    When Antonio says the line ‘therefore,speak.’ He should look towards Bassanio and gesture his arm towards Antonio in desperation. He really wants to know what Bassanio wants him to do, and is really tryin to get a straight answer here.

  3. Josie

    In this extract Antonio should sound disappointed in Bassanio, this should be shown in the line “You know me well”, Antonio should bow his head down to portray that he is upset that Bassanio is not telling him straight what he wants him to do. He should sound genuine as if to be say your meant to know me.

    The line “therefore speak”, the character Antonio should speak clearly and quite loudly, with his posture straight, facing toward Bassanio to almost intimidate Bassanio as all he wants from his friend is an answer. Bassanio should have his head down to depict that he is dismissive to what Antonio is saying and when Antonio speaks the line”therefore speak” Bassanio should jump up as if out of fear to show the intimidation Antonio is portraying across to the audience.

    Antonio should speak quietly throughout his speech but when it comes to the line “therefore speak” he should speak with power so that that is what makes Bassanio jump because it is shock to him.


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