Year 11 Merchant of Venice #2

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BASSANIO: To you, Antonio,
I owe the most, in money and in love,
And from your love I have a warranty
To unburden all my plots and purposes
How to get clear of all the debts I owe.
ANTONIO I pray you, good Bassanio, let me know it;
And if it stand, as you yourself still do,
Within the eye of honour, be assured,
My purse, my person, my extremest means,
Lie all unlock’d to your occasions.

12 thoughts on “Year 11 Merchant of Venice #2

  1. Josie

    The character Antonio should act the line “My purse, my person, my extremest means,Lie all unlock’d to your occasions” with pride as he is giving all his possessions, including himself to his firmed to show his loyalty. Antonio should place his hand on Bassanio’s shoulder to erasure him that he is willing to sacrifice everything he has for his friend. Antonio should also empathises on the words, purse, person and extremest not only to depict to the audience hat he is serious about the situation but also to make it clear to Bassanio and the audience what he is willing to give up.

    E The character Bassanio should act the line “To you, Antonio,I owe the most, in money and in love” with clear hand gestures to not only engage the audience but to show to Antonio that he is serious about what he is saying and to show clearly that he is deeply embarrassed and guilty that he has not repaid his debt to his friend. Also in the part of the line it saids “I owe the most, in money and in love” Bassanio should place his hand on the top of his shoulder to show that Bassanio is apologetic at the fact that he is not engaged in their friendship as much Antonio is, as Antonio is willing to give up his life for his friend.

    Antonio should act the line “Lie all unlock’d to your occasions” with clear speech so that Bassanio knows he is serous about what he is saying. The line portrays that Antonio is unlocked and is easily access to Bassanio and he can have anything that he desires. Hand gestures should be used, for example Antonio could place his hand on his heart to show sincerity.

  2. tom davies

    Section 2 should be acted with both characters acting like close friends, both understanding each other and trust. Bassanio should begin this section with him approaching Antonio and placing a hand on his shoulder. Bassanio is trying to ask for money from his best friend, who is rich, so he can get with this really wealthy girl called Portia. By placing his hand on his shoulder its showing his feelings and how much he wants the money. when Antonio is speaking i see him walking about and around Bassanio, asking the question should he have the money to himself, but when he does say ‘my purse, my person, and my extremest means, he would use large, strong gestures to make it very clear and that is what he will give to help a friend.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      This is not bad as far as it goes but it only explains one and a half points, rather than three. you need to go through the speech in more detail. At Higher Tier this would score about two out of seven. ________________________________________

  3. Tilly

    Bassanios lines should be acted in a way to show he is very apologetic for what has happened. He should use a slow voice, to sound sorry. Because Bassanio wants money from Antonio when he says about owing him he should say ‘in money’ quite quick because he wants to brush over the fact he is in his debt. But then say ‘and in love’ should be emphasized, using hand gestures, bringing his hands together and closer to his body. Emphasizing the ‘love’ between the two men would manipulated Antonio making him feel more inclined to lend Bassanio money because of the friendship they have.

    When Bassanio delivers ‘how to get clear all the debts i owe’ he should look up slightly and use a gesture as if he were wiping something clean, cleaning away the debts he owes. he should again talk slowly so his words are emphasized about he can solve the problem. He should stand close to Antonio as if he was solving problems they share.

    Antonio’s lines need to be performed as if he is almost desperate to give Bassanio the money. when he says ‘my purse’ he should take his hands away from himself as if he is passing bassanio is actual purse. when he says ‘my person’ he should gesture at him self and then again gesture as if he is giving himself to bassanio. all these will emphasize how generous he is towards bassanio and wants to help him.

  4. Sapphire

    In this scene Bassanio should be acted as if he feels an amount of guilt as he is asking for more money on top of the debt he already owes to Antonio. ‘I owe the most, in money, and in love’ when he speaks of money he should possibly bow his head as if to show some sort of guilt and shame as he should feel bad for not repaying his previous debts. The line ‘and in love’ should be acted using hand gestures, they should move their hand to their chest then direct it towards Antonio to show that it is owed to him, this should also be said with a sense of sincerity as to ‘persuade’ Antonio to lend him more money after his previous down falls.

    ‘To unburden all my plots and purposes’ Bassanio should use a sweeping hand gesture to gesture to all of his ‘plots and purposes’ this would create a visual for the audience which would help to widen their understanding of it as fully as they can and it would also help them to enjoy the play as much as possible. When the line ‘how to get clear of all the debts I owe.’ Is delivered, Bassanio could place his hand upon Antonio’s arm as if to connect with him and ask him with all honesty how he could ever repay him. By doing this Bassanio may come across as being slightly more caring and as if he hasn’t forget about him.

    When Antonio’s line ‘my purse, my person, my extremist means, lie all unlock’d to your occasions’ Is performed, they should gesture to all of these things as if they are an actual object around him to make it seem like his is actually sharing these things with Bassanio.

  5. savannah

    Bassanio should act out his lines in this section as if he is uncomfortable about asking his friend, yet again, for money. He should speak slowly to emphasize how guilty and sorry he is, when he says “To you, Antonio, I owe the most, in money and in love”. Also, Bassanio could place his hand on Antonio’s shoulder, to make it clear to Antonio that that he is being sincere. This gesture also shows to the audience that the two are close friends, and thus reveals more about the two charactors. In addition, Bassanio could emphasize the word “love” using a loud, slow voice, placing his hand on his heart. this makes his asking for money less shallow and helps convince Antonio to give him the money, as a friend.

    Antonio should use gestures when he says “my purse, my person, my extremest means”, counting off the words on his fingers to make the triplet stand out. It also shows to Bassanio and the audience Antonio’s sincerity and his willingness to give up everything he owns for his friend, even himself. The emphasis on this phrase will make it stay in the audiences mind and therefore thouroughly foreshadows later on in the play when Antonio nearly dies for Bassanio.

    Antonio should also act out, “I pray you good Bassanio, let me know it” with a gesture of opening out his arms and hands. This gesture not only exaggerates to the audience that he is asking Bassanio what he wants, but that he is open to lending Bassanio money and is inviting a reply, making Bassanio feel less guilty and uncomfortable about asking him for money.

  6. harriet

    In this extract it shows the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio so this scene needs to be acted so that the auidience can easily see their relationship though their body language aswell as the words spoke. Their closeness could be shown between the closenss that they stand at on the stage, and when Bassanio says the line ‘to you, Antonio I owe the most’ the honesty of his words should be echoed by his actions. Moving closer to Antonio and keeping eye contact would show the emotion in his words.

    The line ‘my purse, my person, my extremest means, lie all unlock’d to your occasions’ by Antonio shows his dedication to their friendship and his willingness to do whatever he can to make it clear to Bassanio how much he means to him, so should be acted in a way that shows the trust between them, with clear hand gestures to elaborate on what he’s saying. The tone of Antonio’s voice should emphasise the importance of the points he is making.

    Bassanio’s lines need to show how sorry he is and show his embarrassment caused from the situation he is in. Patting Antonio on the shoulder reasurinly and vowing with him hands on his heart will show his honesty of how he feels about not repaying what he pea his best friend.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      there are too many generalisations in here, Harriet. In the time available you have to make every word count by getting straight to key ideas, relationships, emotions and specific ways of expressing them. Where is the conflict in the scene? ________________________________________

  7. Mary-Anne Johnson

    As soon as Bassanio begins to speak, he should lean closer to Antonio and perhaps grab his arm. This shows the closeness between the friends and how serious Bassanio is trying to be. ‘To you Antonio, I owe the most’ this is the character admitting to what he has done and trying to make amends for it hence why I think there needs to be Bassanio physically touching Antonio.
    ‘How to get clear of all the debts I owe’ needs to be said with almost desperation. Although Bassanio probably knows that Antonio won’t be too mad with him considering how close they are and how Antonio is as person; I do still believe Bassanio would be desperate o ensure their friendship stay intact. There should be eye contact between the two to portray this.
    ‘My purse, my person, my extremist means, lie all unlock’d to your occasions’ This is a very important line as Antonio is telling Bassanio that his money, himself and everything about him is open to his friend. As this is showing pure friendship, Antonio should now be the one leaning closer to Bassanio. Antonio is reassuring his friend that everything is okay and he is there to help him. As Bassanio is greatful, he should return te gesture with a smile and a pat on the shoulder.

  8. Georgia Atkins

    In this extract Bassanio and Antonio should show their relationship clearly. This could be by standing close to one another really listening to what each other has to say. Also their tone of voice should help to portray their relationship by being very truthful and considerate. However Bassanio should show the guilt he is feeling by using a slightly slower tone than Antonio and slightly quieter. Moreover when Bassanio days the kind ‘to you Antonio I owe the most, in money and in love’, Bassanio could hand gesture towards Antonio and maybe place his hand upon his shoulder. This would show that he is meaningful with what he is saying.

    Also, when Antonio says the line ‘my purse, my person, my extemest means, lie all unlock’d to your occasions’, he should show how much he means it by looking directly into bassanios eyes. Also here Antonio is showing how much he loves Bassanio and how much of a good friend he is, therefore he should look really meaningful and sound sympathetic.


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