Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 19 November

The persona alludes to a Christ-like purpose for the men dying in the war. Find evidence in the poem for this statement and explain your findings.


18 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 19 November

  1. Sophie

    we know that it has a christ-like purpose because it says, “For the love of god seems dying.” It also talks about how god is, “invincible.”

  2. jordan

    He has a Christ like purpose as he talks about how the soldiers lost faith in god. For example, he says; “For love of god be dying”. This is because the men have lost morale because of the bad weather and have lost their trust in god.

  3. Georgia

    It shows that in the poem there is a Christ-like purpose because it says, “For Gods invincible spring our love is made afraid.” This shows that God, aswell as the weather, is not making life easier throughout the war!

  4. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    Thanks to Sophie, Georgia and Jordan for being so quick off the mark.
    I’ll give you, and the rest of the class, a question which may clarify the original question: why did Jesus allow himself to be killed?
    Hopefully, I haven’t just made the original question harder for you.
    Look carefully at the poem and do some research on the web to help you answer this, quite challenging, question.
    Mr Legowski

  5. jelley

    He has a christ influence because as if the people of the war are dead it’s as if god will take them away and let them live in heaven for thier hard work and commitmanship. The weather is really harsh so all the men killed might not have been from the gunshots and bloodshed but from the harsh weather and winter.Also jesus allowed himself to be killed because it was for the love of god and the nation to give us a chance at having a good life.

  6. Samantha

    In the poem you can tell there is some religious factors included. Christianity is shown by saying ” For the love of god seems dying”. This to me makes me think that the solider’s losing faith and almost giving up on god as they search but do not find any help.

  7. Nell Perrott-Pitcher

    In the poem, “for the love of god seems dying” creates a religious feel, because when anyone thinks of God, religion is one of the main factors of that come to mind. Although they are talking about god, it’s in the sense that they are loosing hope in him as they feel that he is not giving them any help, the poem almost makes it sound like what is happening to the soldiers is God’s own fault.

  8. Lucy

    In the poem Exposed there is quite a dominant religious influence, as it says, “for the love of God seems dying.” This not only brings a religious perspective to the poem, but by comparing God in this context makes the emotion in the poem stronger and more hard-hitting to the reader.

  9. Niamh

    In the poem the line “for the love of god be dying” it makes it seem as if the men fighting the war have lost faith in their God and seem to be losing hope. It makes out that God is to blame for the war and all the people dying.

  10. Tara Bashford

    The line ‘…for the love of god be dying’ suggests that the soldiers have lost faith in there god, and curse him for not helping the wounded. Also it comes across as the soldiers are blaming god for the wars.

  11. Liz

    In the poem exposure there is obviously a religious influence. I can see this because of where it says ‘for love of god seems dying’ as if the soldiers can’t fight any longer in the war because they have lost faith in god or can’t seem to get help from him.

  12. Chloe

    You can tell that the poem is related to God in some way because it says,
    “For love of god seems dying.” It’s kind of the same thing as what Jesus did, he died to keep others safe, that’s what the soldiers are doing.

  13. Erin

    The poem ‘Exposure’ makes reference to God when it says “For love of God seems dying.” This means that they must of been a Christian and believed that God would save them from the freezing cold weather to stop them from dying but God isn’t doing anything to stop it so he is losing hope in God.

  14. Emilia

    In Exposure we know that is has Christ-like purpose because he talks about how “For love of God seems dying.” This explains that their hope and love of God is fading away. In the poem the author and the other soldiers appear to be religious and believed that God would had saved them from death, suffering and the cold merciless weather.

  15. olivia

    we know that there is a christ-like purpose because it says, “for the love of gods seems dying.” this shows that all religious soldiers have lost faith in god.

  16. Rosie

    I couldn’t find any evidence for this statement. I understand that other students have commented making a reference to the line: “For the love of God seems dying.” but this is purely a statement and to me, it doesn’t give any evidence to the Christ-like purpose for men dying in the war.


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