Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Wednesday 13 November

Who or what is the real enemy in ‘Exposure’? Answers in the comments box below.


23 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Wednesday 13 November

  1. Jordan

    The real enemy in the poem is the cold weather. The poem doesn’t really talk about who they are fighting, but about the bad conditions they are in.

  2. Samantha

    In this poem the enemy is the harsh weather causing people to suffer. I don’t think there is someone who is the enemy but something. They are surrounded in bad conditions already and the wind makes it worse when there are in conflict.

  3. Kiera

    In the poem I think the enemy is the war because the poem never says who they are fighting or what they are fighting for but with the language used it seems like the person doesn’t really want to be there and he doesn’t seem happy.

  4. Lucy

    In Exposure, i think the enemy is the bad conditions the soldiers are in, perhaps caused by the treacherous weather as it says, “…hear the mad gusts tugging on the wire.” This could be a description of the harsh winds that the soldiers would have to battle through, making their aims of killing enemies or staying out of a firing line even harder.

  5. Erin

    The enemy in the poem is the soldiers exposure to cold weather and harsh winds. The poem doesn’t make a reference to the opposing team they are against or even anyone else in the camp, it is just about how freezing the temperature is.

  6. Josh m

    The ‘Real Enemy’ in the poem ‘Exposure’ is the wind or the weather. It causes people to suffer, and takes soldiers to the brink of death. All this said I don’t think the real enemy is the fighting or the opposition.

  7. Niamh

    The enemy in Exposure is the weather because it talks a lot about the harsh winds and the freezing conditions and very little about the war they are fighting and who they are fighting it against.

  8. Emilia

    In Exposure I think the enemy is the cold winter weather because he talks about ‘ …the merciless iced east winds that knife us …’ this quote shows that they had poor protection and bad conditions. I also think fear of death is the enemy..’Worried by silence, sentries whisper, curious, nervous’ this quote also shows that they are waiting for something to happen, possibly an attack because he talks about how he is worried and nervous waiting for the arrival of his death.

  9. Chloe

    I wouldn’t really say there is an actual enemy, as in a person, but there is clearly something that the soldier doesn’t like. For example, he doesn’t like the silence, as it says “Worried by silence” meaning that he doesn’t really want to be there.

  10. Ruby W

    I think the enemy is the fear in the soldiers hearts and every little thing would worry and/or scare them. And wish to be in a better place. There own paradise like mentioned in the poem.

  11. Sophie

    I think that the real enemy in the poem is the weather. I think this because, in almost every verse of the poem, it is mentioned. It is put across as horrible and mean, so it must be an enemy. I also think it is the real enemy as it is what is effecting the soldiers and, apart from the war itself, is the hardest bit of what these soldiers are going through. An example of a negative mention of the whether is; “Tonight, his frost will fasten on this mud.”

  12. Tara Bashford

    In the poem ‘exposure’ I think the enemy is the weather. It is almost suggested in every verse and is put across in horrible, aggressive way. The weather puts a lot of strain on the soldiers and puts them in a negative mood.

  13. Ian

    In Exposure, the enemy is both weather and war itself. It claims that the weather is to harsh and to promote that it is the enemy. However, it also seems that they also talk negatively about war.

  14. Joe Mckeown

    In exposure it makes it sound like the weather is the enemy and the sadness because it makes it sound like the weather doesn’t care and it does it on purpose.

  15. Ellie

    In exposure, the enemy is the weather and the war. It says about the wind and how it’s so cold. But also the war itself because it doesn’t say anything good about being in the war just a negative attitude towards war.

  16. Georgia

    In the poem ‘Exposure’ I think the real enemy is the weather. The reason I think this is because it says “Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence. Less deadly than the air that shudders black with snow” this shows how the weather is more dangerous than the bullets themself. When thinking of war, you would think of the conflict between opposing sides and the violence, when actually the killer surrounds them. The soldiers cannot escape danger, from the enemies at war or the elements.

  17. Elliot Tremlett-Jones

    In the poem “exposure” the real enemy is the fear of death as he is in a dark room half naked kneeling in the floor crying.

  18. Nell Perrott-Pitcher

    the real enemy in the poem exposure, is the weather. by using pathetic fallacy, the poet is giving the weather human actions and motives which is making them seem much more deadly, the opposite of a euphamism, instead of making it less harsh, he was making the weather worse, to show that it is a real danger to the men.

  19. james callard

    in my opinion the real enimy in the poem exposure is the weather ( mother nature her self.) we know this because constently thoughout the poem there is reference to the cold winds and other elemnts ect.


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