Mr Legowski’s 091 library lesson home learning – due Friday 22 November

Dear class,

Your library lesson home learning task is as follows: 1) write your favourite passage from the book you are currently reading in the comments box below. It can be the saddest or happiest passage from your book; the most exciting or the most frightening one. 2) Explain why you choose this passage and how you hope we will react to the passage you have chosen.

The deadline for this task is Friday 22 November.

Mr Legowski

7 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 091 library lesson home learning – due Friday 22 November

  1. Laura Peeke

    I’m currently reading “Finding Cherokee Brown”, the passage I have chosen is followed. “She looked like a little girl who’d just been told she couldn’t go out to play. “You are,” she muttered. “What?” “You are Cherokee Brown.”
    I picked this passage from the first chapter. I picked it because it makes you start asking questions like, Why does she not know she is Cherokee Brown? And, Why is her mum so sad to tell her the truth about her own name. All these questions pull me into the book and make me want to continue reading.

  2. Charlie

    I’m reading the first book of the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. My favourite passage of the book is actually the first line of the first chapter. It says “Ho Chi Minh City in the summer. Sweltering by anyone’s standards. Needless to say, Artemis Fowl would not have been willing to put up with such a discomfort if something extremely important had not been at stake.” I chose this passage as it doesn’t reveal a lot, other than a location and a name. Where will the story go? What will happen next? The author has not wanted to reveal a lot straight away as he is being quite secretive. Hopefully the reader will have questions going around in their heads like these.

  3. Cameron

    I am currently reading “into that forest” by Louis Nowra. ” the bird felt warm when I touched it and I dipped me finger into its bloody chest and licked the blood off me fingers. It tasted rich like molasses. Becky made disgusted noises. It’s not cooked she groaned.” I have chosen this passage because it make me feel warm and in the situation that these two girls are in then that’s a good feeling. I really like how the author has discribed the way the bird looks and how it feels he talks about most of the senses. By just reading this passage you might be fooled about what has gone on, don’t let the author catch you out.

  4. Harriet

    I am reading ‘sawbones’ by Catherine Johnson. The passage i have chosen is, “The wound on the front was where the shot had left the body; when he looked closer he could make out tiny fragments of white bone among the pulverised flesh” I choose this because it explains the gruesome nature of book, yet interring and mysterious. This make you want to read on and i would recommend the book from what I’ve read so far. It has loads of interwinding mysteries that seem to all connect in someway, a bit like a crime fiction with a twist.

  5. Jake Rogers

    I forgot my book last lesson so I read Animla Farm and my favourate passage is “the pig was majestic” I like this because its a different way of describing a pig beacuse they are normally described as fat and discusting and it made me laugh.

  6. Aaron

    My book is ‘Bloodsong’ by Melivn Burgess. ‘For the first time, sigurd had a failure of hope. Fafnir was impossibly, hopelessly dangerous. A scientist, a wizard, a monster; a tank, a gunship…’ I think that this was a really good passage to choose becuase it describes this one character really well in one paragragh. It also would make the reader scared because someone has to fight this creature. I also think this is good because it is really early in the book and you dont really know what this creature is or does. I also like it becuase i like action books and this is a really good one.

  7. George Bakewell

    Here is the boy. Drowning.

    This paragraph is the opening for the book “More Than This”. I really love this passage because it sets a very emotional and violent sceneusing no emotive language which makes it very matter of factly; This boy will drown, so he will die. Its happening so why bother worry?

    I also like openings that take you straight to the action, which are simplistic so you instantly know whats happening within a few sentences.
    I think it is an awesome opening to a book.


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