Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Monday 11 November

Answer the question you picked from the board in the comments box below.

Due Monday 11 November.


20 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Monday 11 November

  1. Lucy

    (Question) Why does poetry have rhyme in it?
    (Answer) People use rhymes in poetry to make the poem more creative and interesting. Also, rhymes catch the reader’s mind and help to create emotion and/or expression.

  2. Kiera

    Question: Do all the words have to rhyme?
    Answer: No the words don’t have to rhyme, but some people find poems more interesting to write or read when they rhyme. Many types of poems don’t rhyme but people use rhyming to add impact to their work.

  3. Chloe

    Question: How many paragraphs do you write?

    Answer: There is never a specific number of paragraphs that you write, just write as much as you feel you need to. For example there’s a poem that only has 3 words, “Adam had em.”

  4. Jordan

    Q: Why write a poem rather than a piece of text?
    A: because it can be more creative and the memorable to the reader (my opinion)

  5. olivia

    do you need persuasive writing techniques?
    i think its better if you make your reader think that you are being biast and taking a specific side. by doing that its persuading them in thinking the side you’re being biast about is better than the other (my opinion)

  6. Niamh

    Question: What is the reason for poetry?
    Answer: People write poetry to express themselves and to get them and what their writing about heard.

  7. sophie

    Question: What kind of facts do we have to include for it to be relevant?
    Answer: The facts have to link to the poem itself, so if the poem is about pigs, the fact would be: Pigs are pink. Then you would include evidence to back up that point/fact. (e.g., evidence from the poem)

  8. Emilia

    What gains more marks?
    I think that to gain more marks you should back up every statement you make with evidence to prove you point. Also maybe to discuss the deeper meanings and the background story from the poem to help gain more marks.

  9. Erin

    How will poetry help us later in life?
    I think that it will help you in picking out things from texts and understanding an underlying meaning. When you are older you will have to understand that there could be many different meanings to what you are reading and you will have to understand other peoples point of view and biased opinions, questioning if you agree or disagree.

  10. Elliot Tremlett-Jones

    Q: why is poetry so important
    A:Poetry is important as it provides an avenue through which the writer expresses feelings and is able to depict life experiences. Through the use of language in poetry the poet is able to connect and share inner feelings with a given audience acting also as a form of entertainment.

  11. Samantha

    Q; How do you write an essay about poetry?
    a:To write a good essay you would need to include examples from a poem you are using and put them into a PEE paragraph. You would have to explain the poem and it’s meaning and then use language techniques such as rhetorical devices.

  12. liz

    Question: How long d oyou have to write?

    Answer: Well i wasn’t sure if this person meant how long does the essay have to be? or how long do we have to write it? So i’m doing both, I think that the essay has to be about 1000 words like all of the others we have done. Amd i think we have two hours to write it in.

  13. Jaz

    Q: why can’t I get the hang on poetry?
    A: everyone has different abilities and also we haven’t learnt how to write in a poetry style yet we’ve only learnt about poetic devices, and practice makes perfect:))

  14. Ruby w

    Q: how will poetry help me in the future?
    A: poetry gives you the ability to form an understanding of expressing your self through different ways.
    hope this helps 😄

  15. jelley

    How do you gain marks in the exam?
    A: THE CORRECT USE OF spag and PEE+E paragragh. refer to the poem and smiles and metaphors.


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