Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Wednesday 6 November

Dear class,

Welcome back!

Having begun your Unit 1 Reading controlled assessment today, explain how you have addressed your target for improvement from the mock assessment you completed in Year 9. For example, if your target was to write more developed points, how have you already started to achieve this in your assessment today?

Please write your comments in the box below by Wednesday’s lesson (6 November).

Mr Legowski


24 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Wednesday 6 November

  1. Sophie

    My target was to put the message across in a more in-depth, detailed way.
    I have already started doing this, as each point I have made I have expanded. Also, I am not blabbing, but only talking about the comparisons.

  2. Erin

    My target was to say about how the message was portrayed and to improve SPaG. The assessment doesn’t get marked on SPaG so I haven’t really worried about that but I have started to include more examples to back up my points then explain how Roald Dahl/ The mail online have portrayed it.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      You said: ‘The assessment doesn’t get marked on SPaG so I haven’t really worried about that.’
      I say: Yikes! Whether SPaG is on the marking criteria or not, you must always ensure that your writing makes sense and is spelled and punctuated correctly.
      Mr Legowski

  3. Samantha

    My target was to explain points furthers and make sure they were relevant to the assessment. I have done this by using the technique of pee paragraphs to make sure i explain more. Another target was to join up my writing which i have also done in this assessment.

  4. Lucy

    My target from the year 9 controlled assessment was to make my writing neater, which i have tried to improve on since and although it is not perfect, i think you can see an improvement.

  5. Emilia

    On my last assessment I was downgraded on poor punctuation. So my target now is to improve my punctuation which I am in the process of doing on my next assessment. Another target is to focus on my handwriting more to make it neater which is in progress.

  6. Rosie

    My target was to explain the intended effect, as well assupporting my points with quotations and more direct comparisons. I have used plenty of quotes so far in my assessment and I have gone into depth on the purpose of both texts and whether it suited the target audince.

  7. Jordan

    my target was to explain how points have an effect on the audience. I have started doing this in my comparison and will try to do so in the future.

  8. kiera

    My target was to understand the purpose of the text better as well as developing my points more. I have done this by using pee paragraphs and adding in the extra points like you told us in class. My target now would be to develop my vocabulary to make my work more interesting.

  9. olivia

    my target was to have a more detailed plan for my ca. i have started to do this by taking my time on my plan and not rushing it. i would also use as much information i have learnt about texts and put as much writing on the plan so i dont struggle to write during the ca.

  10. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful feedback on your reading skills targets and how you are trying to achieve them in our current assessment. More students’ feedback to come so watch this space! Mr Legowski

  11. Chloe

    My target was to understand the sub-text in a piece of writing. I’m not really sure what it means, something to do with “reading between the lines.” I don’t really think it’s linked in with the assessment we’re doing at the moment though. I also need to try and join up my hand-writing to save time in exams and assessments, but i find it takes me longer to join up my writing than it does to write normally.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Hi Chloe, if you’re not sure what your target means, how can you hope to address and then master it? Why not speak to other students about what it may mean or come and see me? A very quick definition would be something like, ‘what is implied but not expressed explicitly in a text’.
      Also, do persevere with joining up your writing – it will get easier and it will speed up what you write. Mr Legowski

  12. Tara Bashford

    My target is to organize my work and proof read it. I have started this by organizing my plan better, so I have a better understanding. I have also started proof reading my work every time I write a passage and it helps a lot, as I can improve it as I go along.

  13. Louis Reid

    My target is to use more examples to give evidence to my points to make them more detailed which i feel i am working towards well, as i am using more examples. I also need to work on my sentence length as that made me lose some marks in the test before yet i feel that in this first part of the controlled assessment i have shorter and more sentences in my paragraphs.

  14. Ellie

    My target is to improve on spag the test isn’t marked on spag but I am still checking I used good punctuation and spell correctly

  15. Ian

    My target was to understand the purpose of each text cleaely before writing. In this test, I have reached this target by looking at other people’s plan and discussing them within lesson.

  16. josh m

    My target is to put more evidence into my comparisons. I think I have used more evidence this time round. Anther target of mine was to create a more detailed plan, by doing this I think it has helped me with my first target because I could pick out points and put on my plan before hand.

    1. Mr Legowski

      Thanks Josh. You’ve made some good points in your controlled assessments, named some specific language features and provided lots of examples. Mr Legowski

  17. liz

    my target is to go more into depth, when writing my paragraphs and not to repeat myself. i did this by trying to remember what i wrote before and adding more detail to my paragraphs.


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