Year 8 Non-fiction summary

Hello year 8,

Well done for finishing the non-fiction work with a great attitude!

We have used various acting and Drama activities during the scheme of work.

How can Drama help with English? Answer with 2 P.E.E paragraphs in the comment box below.

Have a great half-term.


16 thoughts on “Year 8 Non-fiction summary

  1. julie

    Drama has helped us in English to imagine what we wrote down and how we could express what we were writing. It helped us remember about the facts we did not in clue before e.g. before I did not remember that I made cup cakes on the last day of school. This improves our writing by making it more factual and this make it non fiction.
    Drama has also helped us in English when it has helped us by putting feelings in our work. When acting out e.g. Cinderella we under stood the feelings of the charters so I could use these
    feelings in my work. This helps in English so I can expand my vocabulary and makes my writing more interesting.

  2. Jonah Hughes

    I believe drama is a key element in English as it helps us put into a situation what we are writing down to improve weak elements of the story. Usually when we are writing we read out what we have written to spot areas that are weak. When acting out our stories we can change speech or description to make the acting flow.

    Also in speaking and listening we write and practice speeches or drama and perform them in front of the class. When we are preparing drama helps us to think of what are audience wants in this case our teacher. Target audience can benefit when advertising and without drama, we would not think about this.

    1. Miss Anslow

      Great! Well done for thinking about the audience.
      Should the sentence be “what are audience” or “what our audience”?
      Think of where you would make small pauses when reading this, it could do with a few commas.

  3. Andy Ryder

    I think drama helps with new words and how to use them in a sentence. for example maybe your studying shake spear and words you don’t no are used, you would have to learn them and then maybe you could use them in an English assessment.

    Also drama is useful for script writing or generally just writing. this is really helpful for any English task. drama helps with this because you can read and act to your own writing which helps to understand it.

  4. Ralph

    Drama is very helpful to fully understand a character and how they act. It is much easier to under stand a character by acting them out then reading it out of a book in my eyes. When doing non-fiction like autobiographies, you act out parts of it to show what happened and when in time order.

  5. bronwyn jones

    Drama helps us with English when we have our speaking and listening assessments. The drama helps us think about target audience and how we say stuff. In drama we learn about how we talk, emotions and how to use emotions in how we talk. This is what we need when we do our speaking and listening assessment.

    Doing drama will also build up our confidence. It does this by acting out pieces of writing we or others have written down. Making us understand the text more. Also we need confidence when doing our speaking and listening. As-well, we need it for our imagination for writing . This all comes under confidence.

  6. Jenna ♪

    I believe that drama helps with English in many different ways. For example, if we read a piece of text and then act it out, we could understand what emotions the character (if there is one) feels and then go on to write about it in an assessment. Also when we watch films we may pick up complicated words, and learn what they mean, and go on to use them, which sometimes gives us better grades.

    When writing pieces of text or speeches, we have to put emotion and use hand gestures, and whilst hot seating, we have to act like the character, all these skills include or need drama to make them work.

  7. Beth pyne 😜

    I beleve that drama can help you in english because if you have read a bit of a book or acting out diaries and events that have happend for you then you can understand the fellings and what it was like. For example, acting out that peice of the scene from the ‘silver sword’ really helped me to understand what life was like for them.

    I beleve that by acing out what you are going to write, then it can help you have a real feeling of you can write and put good descriptive words and give more detail to your writing. For example, when in english once we were asked to act out our diary piece of work and so i did and after i put alot more into my writing and i know alot more detail.

  8. Miss Anslow

    I am glad that acting it out has helped you to empathise with characters. Check through your work, you have made a few silly mistakes. Also English, I and book titles should have capital letters.

  9. Tia D

    I think drama helps with your English because, say you were reading a book, it could be a very upsetting scene but you may not feel what they feel. By acting out the bit you have read you would have empathy for them and really respect what they did in the book.

    Another way it helps is if you were about to write somthing, if you acted it out first, it would help you remember what you were going to write in more detail. You might even remember even more about what you were going to write. This means you would write more and also it would be a lot more detailed.


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