Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 5 November

Dear class,

I would be grateful if you would complete an evaluation of the poetry scheme of learning by answering the following questions in the comments box below. Your answers will help me to ensure that future Year 11 students benefit from your experience this year; in fact, my Year 10 class will be studying poetry soon after the half-term so your advice will be very helpful indeed.

1. How difficult was the scheme of learning on a scale of 1-10? (1 being easy; 10 being incredibly hard)
2. What was your favourite lesson? Why?
3. What did you least enjoy? Why?
4. What skill(s) did you improve during the scheme of learning?
5. How could the lessons be improved for next year’s students?

I have also emailed to you the first of the three short stories I’d like you to read in preparation for our creative writing course after the half-term. The other two will follow soon.

Thank you.
Mr Legowski


17 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 11xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 5 November

  1. Josie

    I think the scheme of learning was 8/9 because there were some things I didn’t particularly get straight away and sometimes even at all. My favourite lesson was probably when we analysed the poems because the poems started to make more sense to me and also it helped me learn how to pick out the poetic devices and how to explain them. I didn’t like working in groups so much as I felt like all the more abled students were doing all the work which made the others feel less capable. I think I improved my listening skills because last year we didn’t really use that skill much in lessons but this year we used it every lesson. I think you could add more visuals for the next year 11 because you used a lot of group work which works for kinaesthetic learners.

  2. Rhiannon

    1.I believe that the difficulty ranges between a 5-6 because some of the things that were covered were already substantiated so it was a case of recapping them, but sometimes there were things that were unfamiliar such as looking at how the form of the poem can change the mood/atmosphere.
    2. My favourite lesson was probably when we worked in groups to develop PEELEE paragraphs because it allowed for the differentiation between abilities to be recognizable, thus allowing everyone to make a significant contribution.
    3. I think that my least favourite lesson was when we had to cover some of the more difficult poems because they did not make much sense and I didn’t feel as though we had spent enough time looking at the individual poems. Also, it would’ve been better to look at the poets’ lives as well, to get a better understanding of why they wrote the poems they did, whether there was some sort of meaning to it.
    4. I definitely improved being punctual and analytical when it came to the controlled assessment, as I was able to pick out key pieces of information and write articulate explanations of to their use and the effect that the poets use.
    5. To improve for next year, you should get the students to do some background research into the poems before the scheme of learning starts, say in the half term to get them well acquainted with the poems they will be looking at, and should only be given an allocated amount of time to contribute in a group so that everyone has an equal chance to contribute in groups.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      You’ve clearly given serious thought to what our poetry lessons entailed, Rhiannon, and I appreciate such detailed (and well-written) feedback. I like the idea of preparing for the scheme of learning and I hope you’ll recognise this in my setting of the three short stories in advance of our creative writing course this coming half-term. Mr Legowski

  3. Alix Hopley

    I think that the actual content of every lesson was around a 7-8 as it wasn’t so hard that I felt very stressed each lesson, but I did need explanations to understand the work as some of it was not straight forward. My favourite lesson was probably when we were in groups and had to go around writing everything we knew about each poetic devices on pieces of paper around the room, I think this really benefited my learning as I was able to memorise the effects of different poetic devices and find out things about them which I may not have thought about but someone else had. I least enjoyed when we had to copy down annotations on our poems from the board, however, this really did help and benefited me when writing my plan. I think the skills which I improved in during this scheme of learning are analysing singular lines in a poem and looking at a variety of meanings and what the poem is implying rather than just one idea. I think that the lessons should stay the same for next year’s students as the lessons clearly helped all of the current Year 11’s as majority of people increased their grade.

  4. Jake

    1) 9
    2) my favourite lesson was where we wrote peelie paragraphs in groups because that is where most of my exam points came from and it helped with understanding all of the poems because our groups were mixed ability
    3) there wasn’t one particular lesson, I just done enjoy poetry in general because it’s difficult to understand
    4) how to write more advanced pee paragraphs
    5) only look at poems that are going to be part of the exam

  5. Daisy Price

    1. 7- Due to enjoying poetry before starting the scheme of work.

    2. My favourite lessons were when we went through as a class and annotated the poetry as I thought this was was a good way to allow everyone to write what they thought was important and helped me understand which aspects of poetry I didn’t understand.

    3. Researching into the poets I found a bit boring but that’s more due to not being able to find appropriate information that was relevant.

    4. I learnt more about why poets use the devices they use and about the intended effect on the reader.

    5. When trying to explain a device to the class constantly give examples and ask them how the line makes them feel before telling them the intended effect as I think a lot of student struggled to remember the effects to the devices.

  6. Georgia Atkins

    I would say that the difficulty of the poetry scheme of learning was around a 7 or 8. I think this because I enjoy poetry and find it very interesting however it was still challenging for me personally. My favourite lessons were those where we talked through the poems and analysed them as a class, this helped me to get a better understanding of the poems and to gain new ideas and techniques. What I least enjoyed about this scheme of learning was was having to work in groups as certain people would take over and leave others to feel unconfident within the group. I improved my listening skills when annotating the poem as a class as I picked out the ideas that I could relate to well and avoided others, also I improved my analysing skills majorly! I think that to improve this scheme of learning for next year is to have more time between the mock exam and the actuall controlled assessment to enable students to fully understand what they had to do to improve. However the lessons as a whole were very good and aided us well for the assessment as shown by the massive increase in scores for everyone, since last year!

  7. Meg Hallett

    In my opinion I would say that the poetry scheme of learning was a 7-8. I feel this is is because although I enjoyed the poetry topic overall, poetry itself has never been my strong point also meaning that I didn’t really like it. The poetry scheme of learning I think was very well taught as I understood almost all the aspects of poetry we had been taught by the end of term. My favourite lessons were those that we analysed the poems in small groups or as a class, this always broadened my ideas of the poem and as everyone had different interpretations helped my understanding. The lessons I think I enjoyed the least would probably be the research lessons, as I found this slightly dull and boring although again it did help improve my understanding of the meaning of the poems. The skills I think I improved during the poetry scheme of learning would defiantly be my annotations, as well as my understandings of why the poets use the poetic devices they use and how they intend the reader to react to them. To improve the scheme of learning for the future year11’s I think the time between the mocks and the controlled assessments should be increased, this should then help understanding of what the need to do for the exams to get the marks and should help the stress level go down, although I think it was taught very well and our class managed to boost our grades from last year.

  8. Brandon

    1. 7/10
    2. One of my favourite lessons through the scheme of learning was being put into small groups where we would write a PEEELEE paragraph with all our groups knowledge combined, this helped me a lot since the stronger achieving students helped me understand how to do a PEEELEE paragraph. By doing this later it helped me in my exams.
    3. What I least enjoyed about the scheme of learning was spending a lesson learning about background info of the poets since later on we would make a plan with this info on, if needed.
    4. One of my skills in English what improved through poetry scheme of learning was how to write a PEEELEE paragraph which I struggled with loads. Now I fully understand it and can still do it now.
    5. Lessons could be improved for next year is more productivity lessons so we can link more as a group as I found it the most helpful way if learning.

  9. Sapphire

    I think that the poetry scheme of learning was about 7/8 because I enjoyed learning about it however at certain times I struggled to understand the aspects of the poems. My favourite lessons where when we analysed the poems as I think that talking about them in depth helped me the most to understand a wide range of poetic devices and techniques and how to explain why they were used.i also enjoyed writing the poems as a group as it helped with structuring our controlled assessments the most. i least enjoyed some of the group work as it proved more difficult to get your opinion and thoughts listened to as some people would input more than others, making it slightly harder to do the work set as it often involved discussing it before hand. I believe that I improved my skill of discussing why the poet used a certain technique and how it effected the reader, I think this as that was what I felt most confident doing. To improve the poetry scheme of learning maybe add more visual elements as it was mainly audio, which personally helped me but may not have helped others.

  10. tilly

    1. I think the scheme was about a 5/10 because i never struggled with it but at the same time it was pretty much all new to me.
    2. I cant really remember any lesson that stood out but i liked working in groups and hearing other peoples perspectives on the poems.
    3. again, I cant remember a particular lesson but i didn’t really like the talking as a class because people seemed to repeat things a lot which meant it was very slow and it was mainly dominated by a few people.
    4. I improved my writing at speed skills because it showed me i need to write faster to get down all the points int the time given.
    5. I think there should be less whole class discussions and more group work.

  11. ollie

    1) i give the lesson 8/10
    2) my favourite lesson was when we all joined in as a group and did group work.
    3)i think for me poatry is hard to understand
    4) how to write more pee paragraphs
    5) just look at the relative poems for the exam
    but most of the lessons i was there for, where understanding.

  12. harriet

    For me the level of hardness for this scheme of learning was 5/6 as it challeneged you to find the obvious. Analysing the poems in such depth showed us how to find the meanings of the words and how they can change our perspectives on the poem. I liked writing peeelie paragraphs in groups as it showed us how other people write giving us other ways to develop our answers. I didnt enjoy having the cards with the different poetic features on them and having r describe them, because some people just didn’t know the correct answer meaning we would all have had slightly different definitions for each feature that might be completely different to the proper one. It would have been more beneficial to get a list and learn the list then doing this activity to make sure everyone was on the same page. I improved my writing skills through listening to the feed back from the mock and changing my writing to fit the mark scheme. I think the lessons could stay the same for next year’s year 11s as they have obviously worked because everyone has passed the assessment.

  13. olivia

    1. I believe that it was around a 3 out of 10, it was not extremely difficult, however, I did learn alot of new poetic techniques.
    2. My favourite lesson was exploring all the poems and beginning to discuss the different techniques and perspectives.
    3. The lesson is enjoyed the least was the lesson based on research as we wernt able to focus on the poems themselves.
    4. In the scheme of learning, I developed my creative thinking skills as we were made to think outside the box.
    5. I believe that maybe more individual annotation, giving the teacher an opportunity to see what students are struggling in order to give them more support.

  14. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

    (From Mary-Anne) I found the scheme of learning about 6/7 level of difficulty. This is because i didnt find it too hard to analyse the poems and think about what the poet was trying to put across as there were multiple answers for each. I also understood the poetic devices. However, i did struggle a bit once it came to writing the actual essay as i found i had looked more deeply into some poems compared to others (the poems i understood more clearly were used in my mock exam) My favourite lesson was working in a group to annotate and analyse a certain poem on pieces of paper (where we used the different colours and sizes for different things) I enjoyed this as it broadened my understanding on that poem. It would’ve been beter though if we were able to feedback as a class on each poem to ensure we had a clear understanding of all of poems. My least favourite lesson was after we had got our mocks back and we were put into groups to help others improve. I felt rather uncomfortable during this lesson as i had scored higher than everyone else in my group and was expected to help them achieve better. I felt rude because i didnt feel as though my writing was any better than theirs particularlly and i found it hard to describe my skills. However, despite this a few of them did say they benefited from it which is of course good in the long run. I think my writing skills have developed further in the sense that i can now write ‘pee on sterorid’ paragraphs rather than just pee+e. Next time, i just think that there needs to be an equal amount of time spent on each poem just so the level of understanding is the same across the board because i felt like i knew more about exposure for example than the drum.


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