Mr Legowski’s 10yEN1 home learning – due Wednesday 16 October

Your home learning is to find a written or pictorial text (or even a moving image such as a television advertisement) and identify the author’s perspective. Make reference to the language choices that have been made. It may be helpful to refer back to AA Gill’s panda article so you can see how his language choices help the reader to clearly identify his perspective.

Write your paragraph in your exercise book, clearly identifying the text you have chosen, and it shall be peer-assessed at the start of Wednesday’s lesson.

Use the following to guide your analysis and evaluation:

I know I am working at…

– grade D if I precisely identify the main purpose and viewpoint of the article, using detailed evidence to support my comments.

– grade C if I perceptively and precisely analyse how language is used to convey the author’s perspective.

– grade B if I show imaginative insights into what the author implies.

Good luck!
Mr Legowski


One thought on “Mr Legowski’s 10yEN1 home learning – due Wednesday 16 October

  1. james

    I think that the author’s perspective of this picture is to inform people that bullying is a problem, as you can see this is a picture of three girls talking about this girl in a way that is making her cry.
    For example, this girl is clearly crying and facing away from the group of girls that are bullying her.
    this will encourage the public to feel sorry for the girls and hopefully do something to stop stuff like this from happening.

    i couldnt get the picture but i will bring it in to show you


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