Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 15 October

Dear class,

Your home learning is to find a written or pictorial text (or even a moving image such as a television advertisement) and identify the author’s perspective. Make reference to the language choices that have been made. It may be helpful to refer back to AA Gill’s panda article so you can see how his language choices help the reader to clearly identify his perspective.

Write your paragraph in the comments box below, clearly identifying the text you have chosen, and I shall give you written feedback and a mark out of 20 using the GCSE criteria.

Use the following to guide your analysis and evaluation:

I know I am working at…

– grade C if I perceptively and precisely analyse how language is used to convey the author’s perspective.

– grade B if I show imaginative insights into what the author implies.

– grade A if I analyse, with flair and sophistication, how the writer uses language to convey his point of view.

Good luck!
Mr Legowski


21 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 15 October

  1. sophie:)

    I choose the snickers advert, about the group of men in a changing room, when one man transforms into a women because he is hungry. The director’s perspective is very neutral; he/she does not have any strong opinions towards anyone or anything in this advertisement… except the snicker bar! We know from the advert that he is persuading us to buy a snicker bar, but he doesn’t actually tell us too directly. He uses the approach of telling us about it and showing that it is enjoyable, but not persuading us. He/she is implying that a snicker bar is worthwhile and that we should buy one. Again, without telling us, we know that a snicker bar will satisfy our hunger, our taste buds and our friends!
    The director uses humour to add interest to this advert, for example, “’Cos you turn into a right diva when you’re hungry.” This is very effective. The humour makes the advert interesting and makes you want to carry on watching. It suits all audiences and has become very well known. The characters are rather rough and the language they use is simple; this is showing us an insight of who can enjoy a snicker bar – anyone! He/she uses nicknames, such as “shrimpy” to portray the emotion and again add humour. The language used is very effective and draws you in. Also, the advert links the face book address so that the audience can find out more – very useful!

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thanks Sophie. A well-developed comment on the perspective of this well-known TV advert, including a couple of references to specific language used. I like the fact that you have brought audience and purpose into your passage too. As for the perspective of the ‘writer; (director), your comment (‘showing that it is enjoyable’) – show not tell! – is an accurate way of describing it. Using the GCSE marking criteria, and referring to the graded targets in myself, I’d say you sneaked into Band 4: 13/20. It is only a small part of what would be a much longer analysis in the controlled assessment so this is good. Mr Legowski.

  2. Lucy

    “No sense to be made of the plan,” Dartmouth Chronicle
    The author of this text loathes the idea of removing more parking from the town. This is clearly shown through the sarcasm and mocking language used in their writing. An example of the sarcasm would be, “…free up more winter spaces for all those flying pigs and little green men holidaying in the town.” This is used as a way of humiliating the Council’s plan, making it seem pathetic and non-realistic.
    The use of rhetorical questions also makes the writing more effective in getting the reader to think and also to agree with the opinion of the author. The fact that the text starts with a rhetorical question only makes the text more effective and thought-provoking and the laguage used helps to portray the authors feelings about the topic, e.g. “peverse, not fewer!”

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thanks Lucy, A well-written paragraph which is straight to the point, accurately identifies the writer’s perspective and which refers to a couple of examples to back up your point. I’d say this is a Band 4 answer but providing examples EVERY TIME (e.g. you referred to rhetorical questions twice but didn’t provide an example of one), and clearly commenting on HOW the individual words/short phrases convey the writer’s perspective, will push this to a high Band 4. Mr Legowski

  3. Rosie

    I chose the advert in which Gio Compario, the infamous opera singer who is responsible for the catchy jingle, is caught by Ray Mears. The advert begins by showing several men who seem to be examining a car, when all of a sudden Gio appears from nowhere. You view all of the from Mears’ perspective, who is hiding in a hedge. The men seem to be annoyed and slightly angered by Gio’s appearance, and begin to back away from him in an attempt to leave. But Gio refuses to give up that easily, as he continues to dance and sing as if he has no idea how annoying he truly is. Then all of a sudden, Gio is pulled up into a net, mid-song. He is suspended from a tree whilst the men gaze up at him in awe. The camera then changed view so that it is focused on Mears, who gives a triumphant “Yes!” and a shake of the fist before disappearing back into the greenery. It ends by showing an X-Factor-esque sign saying “SAVE THE NATION” with the Union Flag hanging patriotically above it.

    The advert is obviously implying that everyone is now bored of these adverts and especially the jingle. The facial expressions and body language from the men examining the car clearly shows that they are fed-up and slightly disgusted at Gio’s old act. When the very first adverts came out, just before the business hit it big-time, everyone was singing the tune. I can remember chanting it in the school playground with my fellow pupils. Now those same people cannot bear to hear it, not even if someone is merely humming the tune. The writer of this advert obviously intends for us to feel the same as the men do: annoyed, bothered and disgruntled at Gio’s appearance once again. This advert reminds me of the Marmite campaign in which the slogan “Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it” is used. This advertising is telling us that the website is still there, but the writer is trying to see things the way that we do and make it seem like everyone hates Gio. Although the advert is still there to do its purpose, it’s clear that the writer has taken a different route and has chosen to side with the public on this topic. We’re supposed to be happy that Gio has been captured and to be honest, I was. But then I saw the message at the end and realised that there would be more to come. Sure, the jingle may be gone, but the adverts are still very much here.

  4. Emilia

    I chose the Compare the market, a price comparison advert. About a fictional, talking, Russian meerkat, Alexandra and his friends and family. Compare the market is shown as being of upper-class stock and the founder of the campaign, concentrates on his frustration over the confusion between his website and, playing on the similarity between the words market and meerkat.
    I think the author chose meerkat because for those who find meerkat cute and attractive to watch will have interest in the advert whereas if they used an actor/actress or cartoon like every other advert they wouldn’t be as successful.
    This advert appeals to all ages because they add humor into the adverts and have a little story to the reasons why you should choose the company. I think this advert has become such a popular campaign because meerkat have become quite popular at the moment especially with documentaries detailing meerkats. The language phrase for this article is ‘simples’ trying to show that going for this campaign is easier than any other campaign.

  5. Erin

    I chose the One Direction ‘Our moment’ advert. This advert shows the different elements of the fragrance and the five senses. The advert is aimed at teenage girls because that is the average age group that love One Direction so they have adjusted the advert to make it more for them. They use humour in the advert when they are smelling the different scents to choose and then accident smell Liam’s dirty sock. The use of music also attracts you to watch the advert as they have Diana Vickers singing a classic song of ‘my favourite things.’ This is a bit of a biased song because it is saying that the fragrance is going to be one of your favourite things but I think that the music is suited well for the concept. At the end Louis runs off with the perfume; people think that this is probably because he is the jokester of the group but I think it may also be because he wants to buy it and keep it to himself and they are telling you to do that too.

  6. Niamh

    I chose the IKEA advert. This advert shows a couple trying to improve their garden using products from IKEA, however a gang on gnomes are trying to stop them. The main part of the advert shows the couple fighting off the gnomes. This advert is aimed at adults who are looking to redecorate their gardens. The advert shows off their products in a comedic way without being to pushy. The funny side of the advert attracts you to watch it and you want to stay till the end to see whether they win the fight against the gnomes. The main aim of the advert is trying to show you who easy it is to redecorate when you go to IKEA. I think this is a very effective way of doing so.

  7. Elliot Tremlett-Jones

    I have chosen any of the Jeremy clarkson articles on the top gear website epically the one on “broken Britain” as he uses phrases like “I therefore have a suggestion.” Or “I want ford to run apple.” This is showing that he want his way and everyone else’s does not apply because he is better. Also he makes comments of driving over potholes at 70mph and he has other opinions on iPods, iPhones and sky + that are mentioned in his opinionated article.

  8. Tara

    I chose the Avon advert where the babies are dancing.

    The message that is put across is that water is the best thing for you. It tells you that it is healthy and good for your system.
    They have used an interesting story line to draw the viewer in, they have done this by using babies on roller scates because is suits all audiences. It also encourages them to watch it and remember it.
    The advert is interesting to watch and you will send it and show it to your friends. It will spread quickly and will make more an more people buy it.
    The advert is fun and interesting, and the director is very creative. By using baby’s the sympathetic people will become some what attached to the baby’s and any other audience will enjoy it. The music is effective and the use of humour too. The directors opinion Is very neutral, he doesn’t have any opinions towards any one it anything.
    The purpose is to persuade us to buy the water and inform us of how healthy and enjoyable te water is.

  9. Georgia Lock

    I chose the John Lewis advert with the snowmen. In the advert it shows two snowmen one male and the other female, which had been built in a garden by children. You see the male snowman look at the other, she looks sad, you then see the male snowman leave. The snowman travels up mountains, cross main roads, blizzards and even crosses water, which is obvously hazadous to a snowman, you then see that the snowman has travelled to reach John Lewis. All this way to buy gloves and scarf for the female. The perspective of the director is that the male snowman loves the female snowman so much that it would risk its own existence for her, and that it didn’t go to any shop for gloves, she was worth the travel to John lewis…because its so good! This perspective is stenghtened by the music played throughtout the advert, which is “The Power of Love”.

  10. Ellie Blake

    Compare the Meerkat is an advertising campaign on British commercial television for, a price comparison website, part of BGL Group. The advert is ment to be funny to make you laugh so you would want to go on the website. Also they have a meerkat because it sounds like the website and on the website you can get a meerkat and that means the target audience is kids and adults. The purpose is to persuade you to go on the website and it’s meant to make you laugh. At the end of the advert the meerkat says “simples” which a lot of people say and know now, the fraise makes people remember the advert and also it’s effective.

  11. Jordan

    I chose a review for the android jelly bean phone. The writer is extremely biased towards the iPhone and against the jelly bean. He is always comparing it to the iPhone and saying how inferior it is. For example, at one point he says “I think that Android is generally an inferior mess”. This shows that he feels very strongly about the subject and likes the iPhone more than anything else on the market.

  12. myles

    i have chosen the Evian advert (water) with all the dancing baby’s! thus advert shows a city street and people walking by on the pavement. As the people walk by they see their reflection in windows, mirrors and glass; they then realize that there reflection is of them but as a baby! suddenly everyone walking by gets to see each other as a baby! then the cheesy music kicks in and everyone starts dancing around with each other. And finally at the end of the advert we see the Evian bottle come up and their motto is read out: “live young”. so they have thought by showing everyone as a young baby it will portray their motto and make people think that they are going to have more fun and ‘live young’. i think the advert is aimed at…well really everyone with a small sense of humor and can who can read the motto at the end. so Evian have been clever by making their target audience pretty much everyone as then they will make more sales as everyone will know of the avert and want to buy Evian to stay natural and ‘live young’.

  13. Samantha

    I chose one directions ‘ This is us’ advert. This is because i think that the purpose is very clear. This is us, is a movie based on the band one direction, this was published on a television advert as well as social media sites. The advert is targeted for the young teenage fans the band has and is then trying to encourage them to by tickets to see their movie. They do this by showing short memorable clips of the boys to hopefully get the girls excited about the movie. It is success from the clips chosen and background music and other aspects that make the advertisement work.
    The language in the advert is very short and snappy and not to complicated this works as you don’t want to be thrown loads of information at one time.

  14. Joe mckeown

    I,ve chose the trailer to a survival horror game called the evil within. this trailer is brand new has only just come out and i spotted it on the internet and the author is the guy that created resident evil one of my favorite horror games and when i watched this it made me terrified because of all the creatures and darkness and blood in it. which i think thats what his purpose was to scare you to show you how scary this games gonna be because thats what attracts game players that like survival horror games, he also might of wanted to show you how disgusting and strange the enemies are gonna be.

  15. olivia

    L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss advert!
    I chose a hair advert as they are very biast about their dye for people wanting a colour change. Cheryl Cole is the ambassador of all L’Oréal Paris adverts whether it is to do with hair or skin products. In the advert they describe the colourants as ‘rich, shimmering colour, super soft, super glossy.’ By them saying this they are trying to persuade people wanting to dye their hair a different colour that L’Oréal’s are the one because of what they turn out like as the finishing product. In the advert they tell us that there is a wide range of colours to pick out. After every advert presented by L’Oréal they have a saying, “because youre worth it”, this is just something to add and annouce that everyone should try something new whether it is dying their hair or anything else.

  16. Liz

    I chose the Cadbury’s commercial the one with the ‘eyebrow dance’. In this commercial there are two young children sat on a little chair ready to get their photo taken for a passport. But just as their going to take the picture the phone rings. Then the music starts to play and the two kids start moving their eyebrows to the beat. I think that this commercial really works because of the humor in it. And another thing which is good of this commercial is that because it is funny you will share it with your friends and family so it will be well known by almost everyone.The director’s opinions are very neutral because he is not against or for anything. The purpose of this is to persuade you buy the chocolate and because every time you see a cadburys chocolate bar your going to think ‘remember that commercial with the eyebrow dance’. So basically you will never forget it.And also you will give the ‘eyebrow dance’ a go, I know i have.

  17. Ian

    I have chosen the compare meerkat series of adverts. Their adverts are fairly similar so no individual ad is needed.It depicts the role of a meerkat called Alexander, whom became the mascot of compare the market. There is also others such as Sergei and Maiya. The purpose however seems to be a struggle as in a comedic way, and family-friendly, this is based for the audience of car owners and house holders. The advert suggests that it is aimed at families to prompt the head-of-house to accept insurance for their family’s well being. They also include a catch as they give out free toys for the children of the family. This is a hook for a family provider as they would be more obliged to do it if it is a good deal and plus for their child’s little extra.

  18. Louis Reid

    I chose the Visa advertisement ‘Feel faster, Flow faster with Visa’ because the authors perspective is that by the old man using new technology he feels younger because this old man is used to the old ways of doing things. When he tries the new, younger, method in transferring money across to different bank accounts and other related things he gradually becomes younger and feels more energetic, which is shown by how he gets faster in each scene and he is also gradually happier.The author has also taken care into the song as it is an up-beat song with certain lyrics such as “Don’t stop me now” which can easily relate to the advertisement. At the end of the advert there is a quote saying ‘Feel faster, Flow faster’ which would indicate that the network or transactions are very fast and it should make you’re lives easier.


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