Mr Legowski’s 091 home learning – due Monday 14 October

Dear class,

Following on from yesterday’s debate, I would like you to evaluate your contribution in the comments box below. You should comment on the good speaking and listening skills you demonstrated not only in the debate but also in the preparatory group discussions you had leading up to it.

Structure your evaluation as follows:
– What went well
– Even better if
– The mark you think you deserve, using the GCSE speaking and listening criteria I shall email to you

Thank you.
Mr Legowski


28 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 091 home learning – due Monday 14 October

  1. Laura Peeke

    I used many skills in the debate and the research before hand. I used team work in the research, I worked affectively in my group to gather as much evidence and examples to prove our point. When speaking, (whilst the floor was open) I spoke loud and clear, also looking at my audience.

    If we were to do the same debate again I would offer to be one of the main speakers, to boast my confidence. In this debate I only contributed once, when the floor was open, instead I would contribute and fight for my side more.

    Using the GCSE mark sheet I would give myself 4-6. This is because I took interest and responded to what was being said. Also because I was pretty confident and clear.

  2. George Bakewell

    I think I performed well in the debate in coming up with solid, indisputable arguments. I worked well beforehand coming up with points and during the debate I think I was pretty good in finding loopholes within the proposition; “The Bible could be considered a supernatural text. Are you proposing to destroy the Bible?” I think I made good use of English language devices such as rhetorical questions.

    Next time I will be on one of the teams because that seemed to be the only way your arguments would be considered and judged.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      George, you made a splendid contribution to the group discussions as well as from the floor during the main debate. I explained the need of an equivalent to a golfer’s handicap during the debate simply because the odds were so overwhelmingly in favour of the opposition argument that the debate couldn’t be won on rhetorical skills alone. Your contribution was, of course, noted by everyone. Mr Legowski

  3. Georgia Shapter

    In my group we came up with ideas about the topic, which we discussed before the debate started. I think our group worked effectively and well because we shared our ideas and research. I listened to what others had to say and when the floor opened, I was able to speak clearly and put my point across backing the side I was on. This was really good for my confidence since I don’t normally have any input in a debate.

    What I could have done better is get more information for the side that I was on, therefore allowing me to stand up and put my point across more strongly.

    Using the GCSE speaking and listening criteria the grade I think I deserve is 4-6.

  4. Annabel

    During our group discussion we gathered many varied points and opinions that could be used in the debate. I felt that we contributed equally, and the opinions on the topic helped the research into the point. I was chosen to be the second speaker in the debate. I think this helped my confidence of speaking because I would normally not chose to participate in these events. I managed to discuss a point to the opposing team, and I spoke clearly without looking down at my book. I believe I would have got a band 2, and I would improve by thinking about key ideas within the point, because I think I repeated myself during the presentation.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Hi Annabel, repetition wasn’t really an issue, I don’t think; more the need to develop points in greater detail but this is a target for everyone concerned, especially when faced with a challenging topic and only a single lesson to prepare everything. It was good practice, though, and I’m glad you volunteered to be in one of the teams. Mr Legowski

  5. Harriet

    I thought I was confident when I was speaking, and paid attention closely in the actual debate. Also when we were in are smaller groups preparing I thought that I contributed a lot and shared my ideas, for and against. For my evan better if I would of tried to get into one of the debating teams, as i think debating is a strong English skill of mine. It would of also boosted my grade a few more sub-levels.

    I think I was about a band 3, 8. As i listened closely and attentively, I also contributed a significant point that went towards the debate at least once.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      You speak very well, Harriet. I too think you should be part of a team next time. As I said above for Laura, why not put yourself forward in the upcoming debating competition? Mr Legowski

  6. Nicole Petrova

    I think that the debate went well , I was trying to help my team to argue against our rivals. In general, I did not need to collect the information, or prepare it for a long time, I ‘ve plan in my book which make us to talk more confident .Our team members sheared ideas between each other and try to listen to teachers comments.And we also used many skills in the debate,I used examples to prove my point.I spoke clear,and loud,and full of confidence to keep talking about it.

    If we will have another chance to argue,and have a the same debate adain.I will try to be more prepeared,and ready to fight to the end.

    Using the GCSE mark sheet I would give myself a  band 4,10-12 marks.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      I thought you did a splendid job, Nicole, and I loved your willingness to volunteer right from the very start – and to be proposing the motion too! You demonstrated good speaking and listening skills (e.g. well-developed points, engagement with the audience, and so on) and put yourself forward in a very mature way. Mr Legowski

  7. Charlie

    I found that during the debate, I didn’t really look like I had anything to do as I was one of the judges. However, I gave some valid points to the main judge and his opinion changed due to what I was hearing from the two teams who were debating. I spoke my mind and stuck with my decisions.

    If we were to debate again and I was a judge, I would narrow down the main points of each team giving the judging panel an idea of an outright winner. As the competition was very close
    I think I was a band 3 as I made significant contributions to move the debate forward.

  8. Alanta

    During the debate i think i did very well and gave lots of fair points to sum up on behalf of my team. Although i think i should of listened a bit more to the floor so i could back up my reasons even further. I think that i was a band 3.

  9. Aaron Morrison

    I think that the contribution that I made to the debate was reasonably good. I was able to say a helpful point towards my view of the debate and argued against one of the points made against my belief.

    I think I could of done better by adding more to my point my point and arguing more to defend my point and maybe add more to back it up such as a quote from a book. I also think I could of said more of my ideas to help the team.

    I would give my self a band 3 because I made a good contribution.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Aaron, you always play a key part in every English lesson – you’re a valuable member of our class. As far as developing your points is concerned, I’d agree and say that everyone could do the same. The thing is, it WAS a challenging topic and you did only have a lesson’s preparation for it, which given the topic wasn’t really very long. Mr Legowski

  10. Jake Rogers

    I think I made some valid points in the group work before the debate and I think they would of been helpful towards the debate if I had said some.

    I could of improved by actually saying my relevant points and I could of been a lot more confident in my work. Also I could of argued my points by using what others had said beforehand.

    I would of given myself a band 2

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Jake, I agree completely with your comments about needing put your points forward in the debate. I know it’s a confidence thing but perhaps we can try putting you on a team next time and, with preparation and practice, this will enable you to feel that you can do it and do it well. Mr Legowski

  11. Cameron

    I think I made a useful argument towards the debate, and my contributions were accurate. However I think If I had taken abit more time to write my speech/argument. I would give myself a band 3 about 8/9.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Cameron, you’re always enthusiastic and your energy makes the class buzz. Next time, make sure you have some bulleted points that you can refer to so that your contribution can be more structured. Mr Legowski

  12. Heather

    I think I made good point before and during the debate I think they were useful to the debate. In our groups before the debate we were coming up with some good points which were useful we listened to each others points and respected everyone’s opinion.
    To improve I think I would take more time to prepare and back up the points I made.
    Overall I would give myself a band 3.

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Well done for volunteering to be part of the proposition team, Heather. You knew you had a challenging task ahead of you but that didn’t put you off. Your points were put forward well, though with time you could develop them in greater depth, and you continued in spite of opposition to your team’s position. Well done! Mr Legowski

  13. Joe

    In our group work, I think I made some good points with the topic. I feel our group worked well together as we were not intending to talk over another person, However if I had wrote down what I was going to say in the debate its self, I think my grade would have risen a bit.

    I’d probably give myself a low band 3 (High band 2)

    1. dartmouthacademyeng Post author

      Thanks Joe. Yes, it’s essential, I think, to jot your main points down on paper or cards so that you have a structure to what you want to say. You should be on one of the teams next time. Mr Legowski

  14. Darion

    I did not contribute to the lesson as much as I could have, This is something i will improve on. I feel the point i did make was quite clear although I could of elaborated on it more, I came up with quite a few key points in our group and I could have used these to contribute to the debate more. overall I would give myself a band 3.


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