Mr Legowski’s 091 home learning – due Monday 30 September

Your home learning task is to write a developed P.E.E. paragraph (Point, Evidence and then Explanation) to answer this question: how is language used to create atmosphere in the following extract from Century?


Remember to focus on a specific language feature and say why it works well in the passage, e.g. if you comment on the use of metaphor (or emotive language or sense-words), explain what effect it has on the reader.

If you have any questions about this task, you must contact me in person, by email or in the comments box below, before Monday 30 September.

Mr Legowski

3 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 091 home learning – due Monday 30 September

  1. George Bakewell

    The language used by the author is cautious; “Mercy stepped tentatively outside.” This makes it seem, even though all is beautiful and well, there is something to be afraid of, something that isn’t quite right. This helps to create an ominous atmosphere.

    The author also refrains from using any emotive language to describe this almost too perfect scene: “about a dozen children playing on the grass” is a very happy, joyous scene yet the language is factual, no emotions connect the author to these children. This emotional detachment separates the reader from the scene so that they, like mercy, are an outside observer to this picturesque place.

  2. Jake

    The language the author uses in this passage of Century is a mix of detailed description and varied vocabulary. Language such as “The scene shifted.” suggests there is something is new that neither the character or the readers know about. The word “Diffuse” suggests that the light is expanding and becoming softer. These both suggest that there is an unknown scenario which creates tension.

    Words such as “tentatively” shows the character is cautious and un-sure. The word “furnace” is often associated with danger because a furnace is red hot and burns things which,in the passage suggests danger as if the character was being cooked alive. The sentence “How beautiful it was is straight after which creates contrast and makes it seem that something is not right. This creates an eerie atmosphere.

  3. Aaron Morrison

    The language used by the author is mixed by writing.” the scene shifted. Now evening was approaching, the. Light diffuse. But then the sudden change ” The sky was a red and gold furnace this also indicates that it was beautiful as well as she has to be cautious because she is unfamiliar with this type of weather.

    Words such as “tentaveily” suggest that mercy is slightly cautious and maybe afraid as well as the word “furnace” the sky wouldn’t be like a furnace because a furnace melts metal. The emotion in the final paragraph as well starts to rise because it describing all these wonderful things but then a sudden drop goes “the emotion became a strange kind of ache, under her ribs”


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