Mr Legowski’s 9EN1 home learning – due Wednesday 25 September

What can we guess about Trajan and Claudius from their names? (Are their names significant in history? Does the historical link help make predictions about them?)

Mr Legowski


4 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 9EN1 home learning – due Wednesday 25 September

  1. Jake

    I researched both Trajan and Claudius on Wikipedia and they both were successful Roman Emperors. This makes me predict that they are both leaders in their own way and they both are successful in what they do.

  2. Charlie

    The meaning in Latin of the name Claudius is “from a Roman family name which was derived from the Latin claudus meaning lame, crippled”. However Claudius sounds like a Victorian name, as all of the other characters do in the book Century. The Latin translation in the words crippled, suggests to me that he could be crippled in the mind, seeing ghosts and stuff like that.

    Trajan sounds like a very grand and noble, warrior like, name. This to me suggests that this character is probably going to be one of the strongest and trustworthy characters in this book. However the author might have turned this name around. Maybe all of the names have been turned around. Like Claudius. His name might mean crippled, but he might be quite clever.

  3. Aaron morrison

    I also research and they are both names of roman emperors. This also changes my predictions on the book I because maybe they fought and they both lost in one way and maybe one of them killed mercy’s and charity’s mum so they both think it was them so they are both hiding away so no one finds out what one another has done


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