Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 24 September

Rank the plans below in order of effectiveness in the comments box, giving reasons for your choices.

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Plan D

Plan E

Plan F


22 thoughts on “Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Tuesday 24 September

  1. Olivia

    I think that picture 4 is the most effective because it is planned out in a mind map and each mind map is base on something they are going to talk about such as the beginning, the settings and dialogue. Then plan 6 because it is set out in order of what they are going to write,planning each paragraph and they have also thought what they need to consider. Next is number 5 because for some things they have colour coded them, also wrote down some good connectives and lastly numbered what to write first. The first 3 plans I don’t think are that good because they have just listed all the things to write and I don’t think that is as effective

  2. Tara Bashford

    I think that the mind map is the most effective, because it may look messy but it has all your ideas on one page and labeled in the order that you write in. Then plan 6 because it is set out in the order of paragraphs and what they will write in each paragraph. Next I think that the color coded plan is very well thought out and organized. The other plans I didn’t find as effective, because they were just listed and they didn’t really elaborate on there points.

  3. Erin

    I think that the mind map is the most effective because I can tell which parts they’re going to write about on each of the headings, however, they should number the different parts in order they are going to write about. The second most effective is the highlighted sheet because they have wrote down all of their ideas but then gone back and added highlighted detail to them. Also, they have got a list of connectives to boost their marks and a box of the most important things to include. The third is the list because it has all the ingredients for a PEE paragraph; point, example, explanation. Another good thing about it is, its pretty clearly laid out so you can easily read it. I would say the fourth would be the paragraphs of ideas because although it is in a long paragraph it still includes the detail and ideas on what to write about. Second to last is the one split up into different boxes. I put this near the end because although it has a good layout, I think its missing the detail that a plan needs. The least effective is the one with text and writing because its scribbled out things and it looks more like a rough copy rather than a plan and if I used it in an exam I would make the same mistakes I did on the plan and not have any more ideas to further develop my ideas.

  4. Emilia Pavely

    I think the mind map is most effective because it has been well thought out and planned. It is also simple and easy to understand. I like how they have put it into sections by saying ‘Beginning’ and ‘Dialogue’. I then think the colour coded plan is quite effective from how they highlighted the most important texts and is very informal and descriptive. The other plans i didnt find as effective or as informal and interesting as the mind map and the colour coded plan.

  5. Molly

    The most effective is the mind map because it has the most information on it although it isnt very clear to read. The highlighted piece is good because they have gone back over and marked key points. I dont think the third plan is very good because there isnt much on here, and the information isnt clearly written. The next piece is more difficult to understand as its all on page, not split up into sections with sub-headings. The fifth plan is more confusing because doesnt look well thought out, it has words scribbled out and just looks messy. The last one is clearly written in paragraphs to held separate the two parts of the text. I think there are some examples in the text to help them remember certain things.

  6. ellie

    i think the most effective is the spider diagrams because they fitted loads of information on the sheet and it looks like it is in order and also really detailed. then i think the highlighted one because it looks clear its numbered and in order. then it would be the typed out one in boxes because as he/she has gone along he/she as ticked each one off. also because its neat and easy to read. the other plans i didn’t like much because there were either listed or they didn’t fill one side of A4, so they could of put more information in.

  7. Sophie

    The first picture, of the 2 large paragraphs, has too much information, so is quite hard to read. By this I mean that it is organised into paragraphs and sentences not bullet points or words. Also, it is not very visual and rather boring. On the other hand, it looks very detailed and full of useful information. This plan is not very effective, as it is hard to read. It could be improved by being organised into bullet points!

    The second picture, of the detailed mind map, looks rather hard to understand, however a mind map can be very effective… when it is less messy! It does look very detailed and specific, and the information has been categorised, so it makes it a lot easier to put it into words / separate paragraphs in the real controlled assessment. This mind map is a very effective plan, but could be improved by being neater and by numbering the order of the paragraphs!

    The third picture, of the colour-coded plan, looks very effective, although the rest of the information looks quite overloaded. It is in paragraphs so is bound to look loaded, but it may be hard to read. The key points are highlighted using a colour-coded key which is very useful and information has been categorised with sub-headings, therefore it is a very effective plan. However, it could be improved by being neater!

    Picture 4, of the organised table, is well set out with features such as the structure of the controlled assessment to remind the writer of the order of paragraphs and language devices that they can use. It is clearly laid out in different sections so it looks easy to understand, however it is not very eye-catching so may be a boring version of a plan. This plan is very effective, as it is neat and will be very easy to transfer into the real thing. To improve, it could be made brighter and more enjoyable to read.

    Picture 5, of the bullet pointed list, is very boringly presented, so may be less fun to complete and read. Although, it is full of information, very neat and bullet-pointed so it is very easy to understand and suitable for interpreting into the real thing. There are no sub-headings or keys, so could be difficult to interpret. It is very effective because it is bullet pointed, but it could be improved by using sub-headings or colour-coding.

    Picture 6, of the typed plan, is hard to understand as it is laid out in paragraphs and sentences. On the other hand, It has sub-heading, therefor is very organised. The lay-out is dull and not enjoyable to read, but it is very informative/ detailed, so easy to transfer. This plan is quite effective, because it is very in-depth. To improve, it could be organised into bullet points.

    I think that the order of effectiveness is:

  8. Liz

    I think that I would have to agree with everyone else because the mind map is the most effective. This is because it has much more details and you know what you are going to write and and in what order. After that I think it is the one that is highlighted. I like this one because it’s also very detailed and it shows which parts of the text is very important. The least effective plan I think is the one with just plain text and pen scribbles going through it. This plan is not very effective because it is not labeled with which parts are important, it is not very detailed and just messy.

  9. Jordan

    I think that 3 and 4 are the most effective because they have the most detail and would be easy to just turn into sentences for an essay. However, 3 isn’t organized into an order to write up, and 4 is, so that makes it slightly more practical. 1 was the least effective because there wasn’t much detail and was quite small, so it would be harder to turn it into an essay. 5 is ok as there is some detail and it looks quite organized, but there isn’t as much there as there is in 3 and 4. 2 has quite a lot of detail, but there are only 2 sections, so they can only write about 2 different things.

  10. Lucy

    I think the 1st and the 4th are the best. The 1st text is good because the points are clearly organised and well-structured, which would be helpful in the exam, as they are not full sentences but are still points which you could expand on.
    The 4th picture (the mind map) is also good because there is alot of information on one page which is linked, making connections with text which allows you to move from one point to the next more easily and saving thinking time in the exam.

  11. Georgia Lock

    In my opinion, I think that the plan with the highlighted key points comes across as the most effective plan. I think this because it is well structured across the page, this will be more useful and quicker to reflect on whilst doing the exam. I also think that the highlighter makes sure you do not forget key points and also makes the page less boring and confusing to look at, with lots of detail.

    My second choice would be the plan on the following slide. This plan has been typed up and set out clearly into large text boxes, which makes it clear to you what to write next. This plan does not look as confusing as others, it also manages to contain lots of notes, without looking messy.

    Leading on from the previous slide, the spider gram would be my third choice of plan. It’s not the best but it contains more key information than the remaining plans. I think that due this diagram is confusing and all over the place. But if it contains the correct information then it should be a good source to keep you going through the exam.

    The fourth most effective plan I think is with the blue handwriting (In a list format/bullet points) because it has a lot of information and structured clearly, which will help to order out points. I don’t think the plan with the two large paragraphs are any good, because it is not in note form neither is it a quick way to restore information. The final plan doesn’t contain many notes at all, I do not think it would be a useful source to look back on when in need of a boost whilst in an exam.

  12. Chloe

    I think the most effective plan is the mind map (4) because, although it’s only one side of A4, you can fit quite a bit of information onto the page. It also allows you to add lots of detail to your basic points.
    The second most effective plan would be the sheet with all the highlighted sections (5), because it’s clear what you will have to write about, and also gives you extra information (the highlighted parts). It wouldn’t be as clear as a mind map though because a mind map has specific, marked out sections to show where and when you will write about that topic.
    The third most effective plan would be number 6 because it’s clearly set out in boxes so you know exactly what to write, and it wouldn’t involve very much thinking on the actual assessment day.
    The fourth most effective would have to be picture 1 because there’s lots of writing, which could mean that there is quite a lot of detail. They have also filled the whole page so they could plan as much as possible. It wouldn’t be as effective as the mind map though.
    The fifth one would be picture 3 because it’s two large paragraphs of valid information that is all useful, although there doesn’t seem to be that much detail in it. This wouldn’t be very useful on the day of the assessment as you would still have to think of all the things you need to write about during the assessment itself.
    And finally, the least effective plan would be picture 2 because it’s just too basic, with not a lot of information, so again you would still have to do a lot of thinking on the day, where as with a mind map, you would have it all planned out, exactly what you’re going to write about.

  13. Jaz

    i think that number 4 would be the best effective because reading spider diagrams or mindmaps are quite simple as you have smaller bubbles with subheadings in them which can be easier to lay out information and number it in order, also the person fit quite alot on one page. Then i think number 5 would be effective as they have highlighted key words and it would be easy to skim read and find the key points, especially if you were running out of time. Then i think that number 6 is effective because it has it all planned out in time order (paragraph 1, 2, etc.) then next to each heading it says what that paragraph is going to have in it, it is also very neat and very well structured. Then number 2, as it has the devices it is going to use. I think that number 1 and 3 are basically the same, just written out on a piece of A4, with bits down the side (making it hard to read) and both have full sentences so it would be alot more effective if it just had key points 🙂

  14. Joe mckeown

    I think the mind map is the most effective because you can fit a lot of information with quick snappy short points but with also details (4)
    the 2nd most effective is the plan sheet with the highlights on it because it makes the most
    important information stand out (5)
    the third most effective plan is number (6) because its organised how hes gonna start what hes gonna do in the middle and what hes gonna say at the end so it will be essay for him.
    The 4th most effective plan is number (3) because its well layed out and plenty of details and information in there.
    the 5th most effective is number 1 because theres lot of information but its not clear layed out
    the last 1 is number 2 because its scruffy but has good information init

  15. Samantha

    I think the mind map it the most effective, this is because is it planned so that when you come to the actual writing of your assessment there is very little thinking involved. it has clear headings which makes it easy to read. My next choice would have to be the highlighted plan as it it has a lot more information to some and the highlighted but makes it easier to understand. the bottom plan is well laid out but lacking in detail. the least effective plain and the two handwritten ones, this is because it looks unorganized and possibility of full sentences. it looks scruffy and untidy putting you of wanting to read it as well as there is blocked text with when you have to d an assessment is hard to read and write that is why you should makes short and snappy points.

  16. Ian

    I think that number 4 would be the most affiant on the actual day, where you can observe and find all your facts in order and in great detail. The second one that I think is good enough would the following one, number 5. It may look scruffy, but it has in order to what to write first as well as different examples of connectives. Number 3, 2 then 1, they all have a great deal of detail however it seems to much information for a particular point. Even though it is probably the same amount as the others, it still has too much words for each point. The least effective would be the final one as it may look great and has the correct details, it would hard to find what to write about when it comes to the day as you don’t have your correct opinions.

  17. Tyler French

    I think that plan 6 and plan 4 are best. No.6 is well organised, structured, easy to read and would provide the student with the knowledge on what to do straight away, but it could do with ore information. No.4 does hold a lot of information and has some organization, but it may take some time to put all the information together to form easy to read paragraphs within the assessment(s).
    However, plan 1 & 3 aren’t that great. 1 may have organization, but it looks like that would only be understandable once the whole thing was read and then ordered. 3 doesn’t have enough facts to reach the higher marks and only the separation of paragraphs is the organization it has.
    Plan 2 looks organized, but from first glance you can see the student has written a few mistakes, could perhaps structured more paragraphs and labelled each section.
    Finally, plan 5 has loads of information, just like plan 4. But it’s not overly organized. There appears to be some form of colour co-ordination, but that may not be enough in the long run.

  18. Elliot

    I think that the spider diagram is the better plan because I find it easier to read and follow. But I find the paragraphs harder to follow as I don’t like reading although I like the fact that some people have highlighed there plan to make the important parts stand out

  19. Rosie

    I think that the mindmap is the most effective because whoever made it managed to take up as much space as possible, so that they wouldn’t have to do any thinking in the exam. Number 5 is the second best because it is in a clear order, even though it is scruffy. I think that it then goes 3, 2 then 1 and finally six. They go down in order of how well organised it is and in levels of scruffiness.

  20. Niamh

    I think the spider diagram is most effective because it is very clear. This because it has clear headings and points so you can see what they are going to write about. However you may not know what order they are going to do. Plan five i think is the least effective because it is very messy and it looks as though you would have to read the whole thing through before it would all make sense and again it may be hard to see what order you are going to write it in.

  21. Nell

    I think that the mind map is the best plan because you can tell which parts they’re going to write about from the headings but I think they should write it down in the order of the paragraphs. The second plan I think is the most effective is the spider diagram because each of the points are very clear and makes it easy to know what to write about.The third plan is the highlighted sheet because it has a lot of detail and means you won’t have to think about it during the test, you have everything you need to wrote down.the fourth plan would be the big paragraph because even though it is quite long and not very clear it still has all the ideas and details that you would need to use in the test. I think the second to last plan should be the one split into all the different bkxes with the bullet points because although it is the clearest to read it lacks a lot of the detail I think you would need and you would have to think a lot. The least effective plan is the one with the typed writing because all the crossing outs make it look messy and confusing and could cause you to make other mistakes in the test.

  22. Dylan

    I think that the mind map is better and easier way to make a plan because you know what to write next also when you write in bullet points sometimes it’s harder to actually know what goes next would be the 1 because it gives you a lot of information and it’s nicely set out so you know where the exact bit of information you need is.after that it has to be 4 because yes it’s got lots and lots of information you will need to spend a lot of time looking for the specific bit you want.half way through and 4 one would have to be number 3simply because it has more information than the the 2 plans left. Next would be 6 because of the the plane has a bit of information on there and the it’s been put in to paragraphs the the don’t have to think about what to put next.and lastly I would pick 2 mainly because it doesn’t really give you much information


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