10x – Mr Bakewell’s set

Who is the greatest children’s writer? JRR Tolkien? K Rowling? Or Roald Dahl? Prove to me you can write a decent PEE paragraph giving a strong reason for your nominee in the comment box below.


9 thoughts on “10x – Mr Bakewell’s set

  1. Sarah M.P

    Out of the three nominees. I strongly feel that J.K. Rowling is the best author, from point of view.
    She has great potential. J.K. Can really write different emotions fixed into each character from her books, for example Harry Potter, The Cuckoo’s Calling, ect. Adding on to this statement, not only does she write children’s literature, but also different literature such as adults literature, so everybody would have a good sense of understanding. One person commented ” she’s a writer at heart and will always love to come up with special stories.” Also, another person posted ” The writing style, the character development and the humour impressed me.” I believe that these statements are true. J.K. Rowling is a fantastic, most inspirational writer that I have known

  2. ryan burrows

    in my opinion i strongly feel that Roald Dahl is the best author.
    Dahl may only be a children’s literature writer. but in 46 years roald dahl had won 27 well known literature award like “Millennium Children’s Book Award” but in 15 years j.k has not won one of theses but she has won 17 awards in those years. i therefor believe in roald dahl to be the best.

  3. william cheong

    I think My favorite writer is J. K. Rowling. Because she wrote the children’s story “Harry Potter “is very exciting ,why I love this children’s story very much, is because the writer use some word to made the story became funny and the plot is very nervous. So this is a big point to made me loved this is story very much .And the story taught me lots of thing ,abut friendship ,braveness ,love ,death and braveness … When I saw the story , I will very nervous .because the story had a very nervous plot .
    e.g. 1. Harry Potter VS Lord Voldemort.
    2. Harry kills the dragon.
    3. Harry meets his uncle.
    4. Harry saw his uncle death.
    5. Harry, Hermione and Ron Weasley to go to get the Philosopher’s Stone.
    6.Harry saw Dumbledore death.

  4. Georgia Lumley

    I feel Rahld Dahl is the greatest children’s writer. He has a lot of simple complex emotion, I say simple because it’s easy for the children to understand. Rahld Dahl won the “Millennium Children’s Book Award” after 46 years; during them 46 years he also won 26 other awards. From the strong points I’ve made I believe Rahld Dahl is the greatest children’s writer.

  5. Ruby Hunt

    In my opinion, I strongly feel that J.K Rowling is the greatest children’s literature writer. She adds a twist in the story line on every page, and has a great imagination. J.K Rowling is most famous for her amazing series following the wizard life of Harry Potter and his friends. Along with her success with books, the series became movies. Not only can she write fantastic children’s literature, she also writes adults literature. J.K has many strong talents and I can’t wait to read more of her books. Her Harry Potter books have gained worldwide attention, won multiple awards, and sold more than 400 million copies. Compared to the other 2 authors, who each have individual talents in story writing, I think J.K is the greatest.

  6. Connor

    In my opinion, I feel that J.K Rowling is the best author. Even though Roald Dahl is one of the best around, J.K Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. J.K Rowling has became probably the most popular author in the world from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. The books are for all ages and have been very popular, they have been enjoyed so much, they have even made films for everyone of her books, from the few points I’ve used, I think she is the best children’s literature author.

  7. Max holmes

    In my opinion, I think that Roald Dahl is the greatest child author. Although I feel J.K Rowling is an excellent author for our time,I believe that Dahls longevity deserves high recognition, because he has written a wide range of children’s books that are popular amongst children of all ages,ranging from pre-school to late teens.
    His books such as Fantastic Mr Fox and BFG,(aimed at younger children) and The Vicar of Nibbleswicke and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,(aimed at older children), have wide appeal and capture the imagination of many children.
    They are still highly popular now, as they have been for decades,some even being turned into films,and I am sure that they will remain popular for decades to come.

  8. Emily Craft

    In my opinion, J.K Rowling is by far the best author. The reasons I think this are because… She can write adult and children’s literature. So if one book does not suite a certain age genre of that person, they may find a different book they like. However, that leads me onto my next point which authors like rald Dahl only writes children’s literature which may not suite everyone’s tastes… However famous those books may be! Another point being J.R Tolkien wrote lord of the rings a trilogy of books which later on turned into a film as did J.K. Furthermore the difference is that J.K Rowling was more award winning in most aspects than J.R Tolkien due to the reader aswell. Which is why personally J.K Rowling has got to be the best author!

  9. Solley metchette

    I feel that Roald Dahl is the best children’s athor around Becuase he uses a lot of simple emotion within his books which is very important Becuase children will then feel imagery and then be more creative and also it’s easy to understand. He has one some big awards over his career for and example the millennium children’s book award after 46 during theam years he also bagged 26 others ,I feel he is a great athour and a true legend within book writing.


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